(Minghui.org) A project coordinator was recently encouraging practitioners from our area, who had been severely persecuted, to go abroad to validate the Fa by applying for refugee status with the United Nations.

These practitioners do not know the actual situation overseas. Everything they heard came from this coordinator. Because he coordinates a media project, many practitioners believed him and began traveling abroad.

Unfortunately it caused them to have safety issues, and also interfered with their cultivation.

Falun Dafa practitioners know that mainland China is the main stage where Fa-rectification is unfolding, and that overseas practitioners should not interfere with their cultivation or what they need to do.

Practitioners in China have an important mission and a responsibility to stay there to cultivate and save people. It's what they vowed to do before they descended to the human world.

Many obstacles exist for Chinese practitioners in other countries, including language barriers, and lifestyle and cultural differences. It usually takes a long time for them to become accustomed to a foreign country before they can begin participating in projects.

Additionally, due to the Communist Party culture they retained, the practitioners who left China were not able to participate in important projects even after they settled down.

Practitioners should consider these matters based on the Fa, not simply follow what another practitioner recommends. The fact that a practitioner is “well-known” doesn't guarantee he is truly practicing, or that whatever he says is always based on the Fa.

The time left to validate the Fa is now very limited. I hope fellow Chinese practitioners will be careful and always evaluate everything based on the Fa.

Please value the unique opportunity to live and validate the Fa inside China, and don't let your heart waver.