(Minghui) Not long ago, I submitted an article to the Minghui website. The essay was published, but there were many edits to my writing. After thinking about it for a while, I found that the changes reflected problems in my cultivation state.

For example, some modifications were made because I did not cite Master’s original words or include the sources of the Fa quotes—quite a serious problem. This issue could be regarded as not being serious enough about the Fa, or even being careless toward the Fa; it could even be described as disrupting the Fa.

When we write to share our understandings or experiences, we should cite Master’s original words with respect. But my laziness manifested in my writing, and I didn’t even take the time to check Master’s original words. How could that be allowed in cultivation? My need to have more respect toward Master and the Fa was made evident.

Other modifications in the essay were due to my lack of clarity and lack of righteous understanding of the Fa. There were also some cases of improper wording and irrelevant sentences that needed to be changed. If I had paid more attention to editing my own work, it would not have needed so much editing.

From this experience I now understand that my essay was actually a reflection of my cultivation status. Though I did not do well in composing or editing my essay, the process helped me to see where I was off and how to correct it.

Technical Problems in Relation to My Editing

Technical problems are sometimes encountered when writing articles. One technical practitioner in our area always seems overly busy and tired. This is obviously not the best cultivation state for a Dafa practitioner, but he couldn’t seem to correct the situation with my article.

Other practitioners who can not solve their technical problems on their own, often regard these issues as just “technical problems.” With that thinking, it was natural for them to seek the help of this technical practitioner to fix them. By doing so, however, they miss the chances to upgrade their own cultivation levels and eliminate any evil elements.

In other words, the status of our equipment is a reflection of our energy field. From this perspective, the priority should be first to search inside, eliminating the evil elements and human notions that we still hold.