(Minghui.org) My name is Gao Zhenying. I'm a Falun Gong practitioner in Nongan County, Jilin Province.

Once, when my husband was arriving home in 2014, two plainclothes police officers rushed in and threw him to the ground. Another dozen or so immediately followed. They weren't wearing police uniforms and didn't show any identification. Later, I learned they were from the Nongan County Domestic Security Division and Gucheng Police Station. Tang Ke, head of Nongan County Domestic Security Division, was leading them.

They claimed that our arrests were because we practice Falun Gong. While they held us, they conducted a house raid. They confiscated four cell phones, a laptop, a desktop PC, a picture of the founder of Falun Gong, Falun Gong books, and a satellite dish for receiving New Tang Dynasty Television.

My son, husband, and I were taken to Gucheng Police Station and were detained in different rooms. They threatened to beat my 14-year-old son if he refused to acknowledge that his dad was practicing Falun Gong. They deceived him by telling him that if he did what they asked, they would release me. My son believed them and did whatever they told him to do.

Torture Illustration: “Flying Airplane”

The police started to beat me as soon as I was taken in to the police station. Tang Ke hit me across the forehead with a sealed water bottle. I passed out and woke up with a big bump on my forehead. They pulled my hair and kicked my arms and legs.

Tang Ke directed two young policemen to torture me using the method called the “flying airplane.” They took me to a room where no one could see inside. I was handcuffed with my hands behind my back. They used a long wooden pole inserted under my armpits to force my arms up my back. They used another one to force my back downward. At the same time, Tang Ke punched me in the back of my head.

They tricked my son into buying lunch for me. But they ate the lunch then continued to beat me after their break. Tang Ke kept berating me while he beat me. “You are against the CCP; therefore you are my enemy,” he said.

The torture damaged my left leg and caused my muscles to atrophy. Now, I cannot move my left leg. My right hand was also badly damaged, and I couldn’t move it for more than 40 days.

I was sent to the No. 3 Detention Center of Changchun City that night. I heard the guards in the detention center talking among themselves. “Those police from Nongan County are really awful,” they said. “The Falun Gong cases they send to us are always beaten so badly or even disabled.”

My right hand gradually recovered a little bit over the 40 days while I was held in the detention center. However, my left leg was damaged permanently and is still unable to move. I even need help to go to restroom. After my family was extorted of about 150,000 yuan, I was released on November 14, 2014. My husband had to carry me to our home.