(Minghui.org) Jiang Zemin, former head of the Chinese communist regime, launched the persecution of Falun Gong in July 1999. Although he no longer is in power, the persecution of this cultivation practice has not abated.

Mr. Wang Ruihu, 38, said, “I was illegally detained five times, sentenced to forced labor twice and a brainwashing center twice, for refusing to renounce Falun Gong.”

Below, Mr. Wang details the torture he suffered while imprisoned.

Mid-2001: Linqu Detention Center

While visiting a relative on June 28, 2001, I was arrested and taken to the Linqu Detention Center, Shandong Province. Guards ordered criminal inmates to beat me. One inmate viciously kicked me in the chest.

Forced Labor

At Linqu, I was forced to pull plastic threads out of used tires manually. My hands were covered with blisters.

If we could not meet the quota, we were deprived of food and had to work during the night until we met our respective quotas.

Force Feeding

I went on a hunger strike in an effort to be released. Instead, guards force-fed me. They handcuffed me to an iron chair. Five guards held fast my limbs and head. One guard inserted a thick, hard tube from my nose into my stomach. My nose and esophagus were bleeding. It was difficult to speak or breathe.

Extortion and Transfer to Brainwashing Center

Guards tied me to an iron chair for two weeks. With the promise to release me, they extorted money from my family. However, after my mother handed over 300 yuan, the 610 Office transferred me to a brainwashing facility, where I was handcuffed to a large tree. The handcuffs cut into my wrists, resulting in bleeding wounds.

October 2001: Zouping Detention Center

Just as many other practitioners, I tried to travel to Beijing in October 2001 to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong. However, I was arrested by police from Zouping County, Shandong and taken to the Zouping Detention Center.

Face Slapped and Doused With Cold Water

Despite the cold weather, guards ordered inmates to slap my face and pour cold water over me. Although I was tortured, I did not cooperate or provide any information.

Tortured with Toothbrush and Plastic Bottle

The guards inserted a toothbrush between my fingers and tightly held the fingers together while rotating the toothbrush. Then, they moved the bottom of a plastic bottle over my ribs, which affected my breathing.

Beijing Police Station

It took me 10 days to walk to Beijing, where I was still arrested.

Beaten and Deprived of Food and Sleep

At a police station, police officers beat me, and deprived me of food and sleep.

Linqu 610 Office: Iron Chair Torture and Force-feeding

After the Beijing police discovered who I was and where I was from, they demanded that the Linqu 610 Office staff come to Beijing to take me back home. At Linqu, I was cuffed to an iron chair and force-fed.

Electric Shocks While Sitting in Water

A few officers took turns to monitor me. They hit my head or punched me if I closed my eyes. They also took off my winter clothes and poured cold water all over me. Then, I was forced to sit in water and was shocked with an electric baton.

Flying an Airplane

They handcuffed me to the back of a chair for a torture called “Flying an Airplane.” I was made to bend my back against that chair while my arms were stretched out behind the back by pulling the handcuffs up.

March 2011: Linqu Brainwashing Center

I was arrested on March 18, 2011 and taken to a brainwashing center in Linqu.

Iron Chair

Police officers cuffed me to an iron chair and deprived me of sleep.

Burning Cigarettes

They inserted burning cigarettes into my nose. Then, they covered my mouth with a plastic bag and forced me to breathe through my nose. I inhaled the smoke, almost choked, kept coughing and felt dizzy and nauseated.

Soles Hit With Rubber Sticks

Officers took off my shoes and socks and put my feet on a chair. Then three officers hit my soles with rubber sticks until the rubber stick was bent. This resulted in swollen feet and a big blister.

Zhangqiu Forced Labor Camp

The Linqu 610 Office gave me 18 months of forced labor. I was taken to the Zhangqiu Forced Labor Camp in Jinan City, Shandong.

Due to torture, I came down with a high fever and cough. I could not think straight, often could not reason out anything and lost some memory.

My stomach hurt, my legs would cramp when lying down, and I lost a lot of my hair.

I was released in July 2012.

After Effect of Torture

Once at home, I slept for long periods. I became very suspicious, depressed and frequently had a bad temper. I just could not control myself. I had a headache whenever I tried to think.

My stomach pain worsened. After a month, I had blood in my stool. Then, I vomited blood. I lost so much blood that I was extremely pale. I had to go to the hospital for blood transfusions.