(Minghui.org) Five police agencies from two neighboring cities in Hubei Province ransacked six practitioners' homes and took four of them into custody on April 12, 2016.

The coordinated police action took place a little past six in the morning. According to insiders, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau approved of the sweep and the involved agencies include Jianghan Oil Field Police Department in Qianjiang City, Xiaoyao City Police Department, Longhuashan Police Station, Ganhe Police Station, and Sanfutan Police Station.

Since the persecution of Falun Gong began in July 1999, Hubei authorities have arrested many local practitioners for refusing to renounce their faith. This latest episode of arrests is a continuation of the Chinese communist regime's ongoing attack on private citizens' belief of freedom.

Four Still in Detention

Mr. Liu Xiong was getting ready for the day when a group of officers broke into his convenience store and arrested him. The police confiscated two laptops, three copies of Zhuan Falun (main teachings of Falun Gong), and Mrs. Liu's purse with more than 1,000 yuan of cash and house key in it.

Mr. Hu Fengcheng, Ms. Zhang Yuzhi, and Ms. Yang Dongmei were all seized from their respective homes around the same time. The police ransacked all three practitioners' homes, taking away their computers, printers, and cell phones. They attempted to drive away in Mr. Hu's family car, but failed when his mother refused to get out of the vehicle.

Mr. Liu, Mr. Hu, and Ms. Yang have been transferred to a detention facility in Wuhan City, while Ms. Zhang's whereabouts remain unknown.

Two Forced to Live Away from Home

Mr. Mao Yixiang avoided arrest because he was out when the police descended upon his residence. He is now living away from home for the time being.

Mr. Liu Jun had a similar experience to that of Mr. Mao's. The police couldn't find him at home, so they went to check his office. He was not there either, and they took away his office computer and a cell phone that he had left there. He is now on the run to avoid arrest and unable to care for his sick mother.