(Minghui.org) I work as a medical assistant. In 1996, after undergoing radiation to treat a brain tumor, I found myself suffering from poor immunity and fevers. However, after practicing Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa), my health was restored, and my family received numerous blessings.

A Frail Invalid Achieves Robust Health

Besides brain cancer, I also suffered from rheumatism, chronic migraines, heart disease and glaucoma. I suffered unbearable pain whenever my migraine or heart conditions flared up. Although I had read Zhuan Falun and watched Master’s videotaped lectures early on, I was still a firm believer in atheism, and thus did not take up the practice then.

The Gamma Knife radiotherapy procedure, meant to kill the tumor cells in my brain, also had a lethal effect on my healthy brain cells. I lost much of my immunity and was weakened to the point that I was barely able to take care of my basic needs, much less perform necessary household chores. Worse yet, follow-up scans of my brain two years later revealed that the procedure had only shrunk the tumor a little.

As my disease intensified, so did my mental distress, and I found myself living in a continual state of hysteria. Under such circumstances, I recalled the book Zhuan Falun and decided to read it in order to calm myself down. With this thought in mind I started reading, and I occasionally did the exercises. Later, I realized that I had stopped taking medication without even noticing.

In early April 1999, I started practicing the exercises at a group practice site. One morning soon after, I awoke to feel a wave of warmth engulfing me from head to toe. I knew that Master was cleansing my body. All of my illnesses steadily vanished. I also gained vast reserves of energy, impressing my husband when I effortlessly completed all the household chores on my own.

How My Husband Benefited from Dafa

My husband's thumb got caught in machine gears in 2006, and he was unable to stop the bleeding. I advised him to go to the hospital right away. However, he refused to go. Instead, told me he had confidence in the protective power of Master and Dafa. He continued to study the Fa and his injury was healed without further medical aid.

Originally, my husband suffered from high blood pressure, severe cervical hyperplasia (precancerous growths), and enlarged tonsils and other diseases. Within 10 years of cultivating in Falun Dafa, his illnesses were completely cured.

How My Parents-in-law Benefited from Dafa

In November 2010, our entire family visited a restaurant for my mother-in-law’s birthday celebration. As we were leaving, my father-in-law slipped and fell on a step. We helped him to his feet. With a pale face, he told us that his wrist was broken. I immediately told him to recite the words, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

X-rays taken at the orthopedic clinic confirmed it was a serious wrist fracture. I stayed behind to take care of my father-in-law. After a night’s rest, he felt much better and did not have any further pain from his injury. To the astonishment of our entire family, when the hospital staff removed the splints after 20 days, his wrist had entirely recovered. My father-in-law proceeded to read Zhuan Falun and even began handing out copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

Around 3:00 am on August 3, 2015, my aunt and her husband rushed to my home to inform me that my mother-in-law had been admitted to the hospital. As I was the primary caregiver each time one of my husband’s parent’s was hospitalized, my presence was urgently needed. On the way to the hospital, I asked my aunt and her husband to silently recite, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Upon reaching the hospital, we found my mother-in-law still lucid and conscious, despite being diagnosed with multiple cerebral infarctions.

The doctor warned us that her physical condition would visibly deteriorate within a week. At noon, when I tried to help my mother-in-law to the bathroom, we realized that her condition had begun to worsen. She was unable to move her legs or her hands. I asked everyone to continuously recite the phrase, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

We continued to keep vigil by her side. In the middle of the night, she woke up and told us, “I feel a little better and can lift my hands.” I helped her to sit up in bed before helping her to her feet, using the wheelchair for support. I knew Master had helped to heal her.

Day by day, her condition improved until she was able to stand and walk using the wall for support. On the morning of the fifth day, my third brother arrived at the hospital to take over the caregiving duties. Before leaving, I passed an MP3 player containing Master’s lectures to my mother-in-law, and asked her to listen to it. On the ninth day, the hospital did an MRI scan on her. The results showed great improvement in her condition. The hospital immediately discharged her.

A few days after she was discharged, I visited the elderly couple and stayed overnight. The following morning, she remarked, “How strange. After a night of sound sleep, my joints no longer hurt.” This was amazing because she suffered from severe knee osteoarthritis, a herniated lumbar disc, and spinal stenosis, all of which required her to take daily doses of strong painkillers.

I described her remarkable improvement to my father-in-law and asked him to encourage her to listen to Master’s lectures. She has made it a daily routine to listen to Master’s teachings.

How My Son Benefited from Dafa

I traveled to Beijing to petition the government for fairer treatment of Master and Dafa practitioners in 2000; my son was in his third year of junior high. I was illegally detained for 15 days upon my return home, and I was sent to brainwashing sessions by my employer. My husband was coerced to help “transform” me, and for more than a month, my son was forced to seek refuge with his classmate’s family. This incident greatly affected his grades.

Upon my release, I promptly clarified the truth about Dafa to my son, and his grades began to improve. Just before he was due to sit for his political science exam, I reminded him to not answer any questions that slander Falun Gong. He agreed, but during the exam, he could not bear to give up any points by leaving those questions unanswered. He filled in the answers that disparaged Dafa. Afterwards, he ignored my request for him to write a repentance statement and refused to speak to me.

Not long after, he was playing at his classmate’s home when he suddenly felt dizzy and had difficulty controlling his hands and feet. He called me, and I rushed over in a taxi to pick him up to go to the hospital. On the way, he took my hand and told me, “Mom, it feels like I am going to die.”

At the hospital, he lay unconscious in bed, stiff and unresponsive. I remained calm, despite the terrible situation. I placed my trust in Master. Blood tests soon diagnosed him with severe potassium deficiency and indicated that his condition was easily reversed with intravenous treatment.

After we returned home later that night, he drafted a statement, promising not to repeat his mistake. He was soon admitted to the best class in the most prestigious provincial high school.

One day, my son happened to read a Falun Gong booklet. He told me with excitement in his voice, “Mom, I want to practice Falun Gong!” From then on, he began to practice the exercises and study the books diligently. During his four years at the university, his previously existing illnesses were cured.

He used to suffer from pain around where a tooth had been extracted. While playing basketball, he was hit in the jaw by the ball. The force caused a remaining piece of the extracted tooth to fall out. Only then did we realize that the tooth extraction procedure had not been done well, leaving part of the tooth in his mouth. His pain soon left him after this incident.

I believe Dafa unlocked my son’s latent intelligence, enabling him to do well in his studies. He eventually received a scholarship to further his education and obtained a PhD. In return, he donated more than 2,000 yuan from his scholarship endowment to fund local efforts to raise public awareness of the persecution of Falun Gong.