(Minghui.org) I did not have a good relationship with my husband or his parents before I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2011. My relationships with them have since improved, and I am healthy again.


My husband was working out-of-town almost all year, leaving me to take care of the children and my parents-in-law.

I did not get along with my in-laws at that time, and we did not treat one another well. Whenever my husband returned home, my mother-in-law complained to him about me, in hopes that he would yell at me. He did not take his mother's side, and decided that we should move out and live on our own.

Several years later, my husband changed, and he often argued with me as soon as he came home. Sometimes we argued all night.

While we were arguing one day, my husband kicked a barrel to the ceiling and then threw it out the window. The kids were scared and started to cry, and I fainted.

I was taken to the hospital and did not regain consciousness for a long time. Only my mother and sister came to visit me.

My health deteriorated—I developed heart, stomach, and liver disorders, and I had to take many daily medications. I was also forgetful and confused. My mother had to take care of me at home.

My relatives and friends thought that my situation was hopeless, and that I would have a mental breakdown. My family started to fall apart.

My husband began spending most of his income on himself, and left very little for the family. There were times I could not make ends meet. I wanted to get a divorce, but my parents advised against it, for the sake of the children.

Obtaining Dafa

I met a stranger in 2011 who asked me to remember, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She also explained how to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

I asked her if practicing Falun Dafa could cure my stomach disorders, and she said yes. I then asked her to help me to start practicing.

I was very afraid when I first began, because the CCP was persecuting Falun Dafa, and I did not want my husband to find out. My health became excellent within a year, and I stopped taking my medications, because all of my illnesses had disappeared.

My husband witnessed my positive changes. He became supportive of Dafa, and our relationship also improved. Through studying the Fa, I realized that nothing happens without a reason. Just as Teacher says in Zhuan Falun:

“'How can this person treat me like this?' Then why did you treat this person that way in the past? You might claim that you actually did not know it at that time, and this life has nothing to do with the other life. That does not work.”

One day my husband said that he wanted to visit his parents because they were not doing well. I had not yet completely let go of my resentment towards my in-laws, but I looked inward and finally let go of it, because I wanted to be a true Dafa practitioner.

I calmly said to my husband, “They still have a lot of time, so why don't they start practicing Falun Dafa, too? It will be good for them.”

A few days later, my husband returned home and said that his parents wanted to learn the practice. He also mentioned that his mother was coming to town to see a doctor. I said that his mother should visit us, so my husband called her, and she sounded very happy about the invitation.

My husband and I took her to see the doctor. She was moved by how much I had changed. The mutual hatred we had built up over the past decade finally melted away.

I asked her, “Mom, do you want to practice Falun Dafa?” She said she wanted to, so I went to a practitioner's home to get a copy of Teacher's instructional exercise DVD. My husband also bought a DVD player for her to take home, so my father-in-law could also learn the exercises.

Both of my parents-in-law now practice diligently, and my brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law have also started to practice Falun Dafa.