(Minghui.org) I thought I took fame and personal interest lightly, but my heart was moved when the actual interest of promotion was in front of me.

Where I work, there is only one position available for promotion to a senior level once every year, so employees work hard to compete for it, even using improper means, such as offering bribes to supervisors and falsifying documents.

Colleagues my age were promoted to senior positions many years ago. Only a few of similar age at work in my area are at my current level. Some colleagues younger than me and who joined later than me have already been promoted to senior positions.

My skills and ability meet the requirements to be promoted, so why am I passed over?

But, inside, I complained about my supervisors. They come to me when they want to allocate work, but forget about me when there are benefits to be gained. They speak highly of me when they want something from me, but fail to do anything to help me.

I looked down on those selected for promotion, because they went about it by improper means. How competent were they to do the work anyway? My mind was filled with such complaints, but I still behaved kindly towards them on the surface.

Master Li said,

“...one day this incompetent guy gets promoted to a supervisory position. He isn’t promoted, and that guy even becomes his boss. So he thinks it’s just so unfair and he can’t get over it. He goes around to everyone trying to do something about it, fuming and burning with jealousy.” (The Seventh Talk in Zhuan Falun)

I've studied the Fa for a long time, but I never related what I was reading to myself. When I realized this, I felt deep regret.

I had strong human notions and an attachment to reputation. I felt wronged when my colleagues were promoted. I was miserable and couldn't let it go.

Sometimes, I even mentioned my bad feeling to my close colleagues, especially when it came time for promotions. For years I couldn't get rid of my attachments to personal interest, competition, and jealousy.

Practitioners should let things happen naturally. I wondered, “Do I have other attachments that I still harbor? Are there other reasons that I am not being promoted?”

Suddenly I realized that, during the past few years when people were being promoted, I wanted others to see me in positive light, so I did not compete for the senior post. But, inside, I didn't let it go. That’s why I complained when I wasn’t promoted.

I did, however, believe in Master and the Fa. Thinking of this, my heart relaxed.

A colleague came to me that very day and asked, “Can you put my name forward to get the promotion this year? I have only this one chance. Next year I won’t qualify for it. I'll be eternally grateful if you could help me!” I didn't have any notions of competing, complaining, or feeling of unfairness, but only had sympathy and understanding for this colleague.

I said without hesitation, “Sure, I'll help you. Good luck!” even though he tried to intimidate me when I talked to him about Falun Gong and the persecution before. He was very touched and thanked me again and again. I said, “You don't need to thank me. Just remember 'Falun Dafa is great!'”

I explained further about Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) and let him know the truth about the persecution. He listened earnestly.