(Minghui.org) Some Falun Gong practitioners watch every show of Shen Yun Performing Arts when it tours our area. Some strongly advised others to watch it, or took watching Shen Yun as studying the Fa. They said that the performance offers many hints in cultivation.

I don't think that practitioners should take watching Shen Yun as studying the Fa. However, I believe it is acceptable for those promoting Shen Yun to watch the show to enhance their understanding and improve their techniques for selling tickets.

Shen Yun is a means to save people in society. Practitioners do not need salvation from Shen Yun, as Master has taught us the universal Fa and watches over us in cultivation.

Predestined people are eager to watch Shen Yun to be saved. Master has meticulously made arrangements for each audience member with predestined opportunities to have a seat in the theater. If practitioners occupy those seats to watch the show, they are denying audience members the opportunity to be saved.

Some practitioners said that they would buy tickets to watch Shen Yun only if there were unsold tickets right before the start of the show. This may seem reasonable on the surface, but it is a human principle.

Practitioners should really be asking themselves why the tickets did not sell out. There may be different reasons for this. However, if practitioners have an attachment to watching Shen Yun, the old forces could take advantage of this loophole and block predestined people from buying the tickets. It can then be left for the practitioners, as this is what they pursue.

Watching Shen Yun is not one of the three things that Master has asked practitioners to do. Shen Yun is not the Fa.

For those practitioners who are eager to watch Shen Yun, please look inward and find out what mentality drives you to do so, and whether it is a human notion or an attachment.