(Minghui.org) I am a retired 75-year-old primary school teacher. I had late stage esophageal cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and insomnia before 1995. All my illnesses disappeared soon after I began practicing Falun Gong that year. I have been healthy since then.

A History of Illness

I expectorated blood from my lung cavity when I was in 20s and had heart disease and high blood pressure when I was 30 years old. My high blood pressure was severe and often read at 230. My pulse rate was often around 120. I had vertigo and often experienced a sensation of spinning.

Yet the most devastating occurrence was when I was diagnosed with late stage esophageal cancer in 1992. I was 51. Surgery was conducted to remove my diseased esophagus and cardia. My stomach was moved upward to connect with my remaining esophagus. The connection suture made the passageway to my stomach narrower. I had a hard time swallowing food after that due to a tendency for blockage to occur in this area.

Unfortunately I contracted hepatitis C from a blood transfusion during the surgery. I also had severe insomnia due to problems with my central nervous system. I often stayed awake the whole night. My life was miserable during this period.

Three years later, the cancer relapsed and spread. My daughter started to prepare for my death.

The Turning Point

Fortunately, a friend of my daughter's practiced Falun Gong. He told her about Falun Gong's marvelous effect in healing illnesses and suggested that she let me try it. I was bedridden by then. I listened to audio recordings of Master Li's lectures in bed. Two weeks later I could get out of bed and do some household chores.

Soon after I began practicing Falun Gong, all of my illness symptoms disappeared without my taking any medication and I slept well at night. The connection between my stomach and esophagus seemed to have enlarged, as I have felt no blockage since then. Falun Gong gave me a second life.

Persecuted but Not Defeated

I was arrested and detained four times after the Chinese Communist Party initiated the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999. My home was ransacked five times.

I could not eat for over 20 days when I was held in a detention center. People thought that my esophageal cancer had relapsed. The authorities did not want me to die in the detention center, so they sent me home.

Soon after getting home, I was able to eat a few bowls of pureed food. I recovered soon after and have been completely healthy since then.