(Minghui.org) More than 20 practitioners in our area planned to go abroad to watch Shen Yun perform live. I talked to the practitioner who was organizing the trip and some of the participants and heard many reasons for their wanting to go. Some of them were quite stubborn in their opinions.

One practitioner wanted to go because he would “feel comfortable after watching Shen Yun.” Some believed that watching the performance could elevate their level because it is directed by Master himself.

One practitioner was very excited about going abroad and said, “I will not return to China afterward.” The most extreme comment was: “I want to go even if I will be killed.” How strong were the attachments revealed by their comments!

A practitioner asked Master a question during “Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland.”

“Question: We are disciples who’ve come from China. There are five other people who couldn’t make it for various reasons. Was the demonic interference too strong or was it arranged by Master that they couldn’t come?

“Teacher: I didn’t want to let even the five of you come. Why? As I just said, before my teaching the Fa was most important, while today your cultivation and improvement are most important. Put your mind entirely on cultivation and cultivate steadily and solidly—that’s what is key. With the heart unsteady, wanting to find me, wishing to listen to my talks on Fa, chasing me everywhere… that doesn’t benefit your cultivation at all, not in the least. When the Fa conference was to be held in Singapore, a lot of people from China wanted to go. Then I said to the Main Dafa Association, “You need to pass this along: Tell the assistance centers of each region to notify students that they shouldn’t go traveling all around, as it’s of no benefit.” Originally, Law Bodies ordered the steps of your cultivation for this time period. But you have disrupted it. Some of your attachments could very possibly have been discarded in this time that was allotted for you to cultivate, but what should have been improved has been, in a certain respect, disrupted. That’s the reason. Don’t regard as demonic interference all your attachments to insisting on doing things you can’t do.”

Let's think about it. A trip abroad costs more than 10,000 yuan (USD$1500). Twenty practitioners traveling from one area in China would cost 200,000 yuan (USD$30,700). What if practitioners from other areas in the country also do the same thing?

If every practitioner in China wanted to see Shen Yun in person and was deeply attached to it, is this assisting Master in Fa-rectification or interfering with Master's arrangements?

Practitioners’ time and money are valuable resources. How many people can 20 practitioners save in 7 days if they don't travel abroad? How many truth clarifying materials could be made with the 200,000 yuan that would go toward travel expenses?

After they paid the travel agent, the practitioner who organized the trip had her house ransacked by the police, and her daughter (also a practitioner) was abducted temporarily. The travel agent returned the money and canceled the trip.

Blessed and protected by Master, there was no monetary loss from this incident and no practitioner was jailed.

Master talked about travel expenses again at the “Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference:”

“A large number of practitioners flock to the conference each time, coming from many places to the host city. The expenses involved are significant. Sometimes I’m even thinking that all of that money could really resolve major issues if it were used instead on Fa-rectification things.”

“As you know, each time there’s a Fa conference everyone wants to hear Master teach something and hopes for some kind of change in the larger situation. But if you can, as cultivators, steady your minds a bit and do well at what you’re supposed to do, everything will be there for you, in fact. If you can all manage to do the three things well, divine beings will look after you even if you are off in a remote corner of the world, and so will Master’s law bodies. Any human thoughts or attachments you have will make it hard for you to improve and elevate, and at the same time, will be seized upon by the old forces and evil factors, for sure.”

I hope that those fellow practitioners who are still attached to going abroad to see Shen Yun seriously reconsider.

At my limited cultivation level, I believe this is an important matter so I wrote this article to share with fellow practitioners. Please kindly correct me if my sharing does not conform to the Fa.