(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners' efforts have changed many Chinese people's attitude towards the practice, despite the Communist regime's slander campaign.

Even some public security agents are now helping and protecting practitioners.

Practitioners Awaken and Resist Persecution

Lian, a recently arrested local practitioner, encountered police officers and detention center guards that encouraged her to resist the persecution.

After being arrested for handing out Dafa informational materials, Lian was taken to the county Domestic Security Division and interrogated. She did not cooperate, and the interrogation dragged on for some time. The director got a headache and left the room, leaving Lian with a few younger officers.

To Lian's surprise, they were all very friendly. As soon as the director left, one picked up a flier and said, “Falun Dafa practitioners are honest, good people. They use their own money to print these fliers.”

“They don't resent us for arresting them,” another officer said. “And they don't sell out other practitioners. I think Falun Dafa will win the battle eventually.”

The director returned and one officer asked, “This elderly lady is illiterate, and she doesn't talk. Is it even worth it to keep her overnight? Should we just let her go?” The director was silent.

Another officer said to keep her perhaps for three days, while another one suggested five days.

The director left the room briefly and came back with a form. He asked Lian to sign it, and she told him that she could not write. He told her to put her fingerprint on it. As he spoke, he grabbed Lian's hand, pressed her finger on an ink pad and then the form. As it turned out, by fingerprinting the form she had agreed to a 10-day detention.

At the detention center, a guard told her, “You can do your exercises or go to sleep, whatever you want. Don't worry. I'm in charge here.”

The same guard told her near the end of her 10-day detention, “Ma'am, don't leave you signature or fingerprint on anything. Don't listen to them.”

Lian responded that the director had forced her to fingerprint the document.

“If you had resisted,” he said, “they could not have detained you. Don't make the same mistake again.”

Sure enough, when her term was up, the director came and demanded that Lian sign another form. She refused and was released shortly after. She found out later that if she had signed, she would have been transferred to the city brainwashing center.