(Minghui.org) Online computer games have become wildly popular, especially among young people. It is a nightmare for parents when their children get addicted to these games. My son became extremely addicted, and I tried everything I could think of, but I could not pull him out of the downward spiral. After many attempts to help him, eventually it was Falun Dafa that helped him to change fundamentally.

My son was smart and kind when he was young. My coworkers and friends all liked him a lot. I also had high hopes for him and spent a lot of effort on his education. I am not sure when he became addicted to playing computer games online, but he was secretly going to Internet cafes to play. After I found out, I went to the cafes to find him and bring him back, and then patiently talked to him. But after several days, he would start playing the games again. He soon began going to harder-to-find Internet cafes so that I could not disturb him. I tried everything, but nothing helped.

During those years, I was not only disappointed but also very desperate. Even during the last year of high school, right before his college entrance exams, he continued playing as usual. I was so worried about what would become of his future.

I started to practice Falun Dafa in 2012. Soon after, many of my ailments were cured, including heart disease, chronic inflammation of the throat, uterine fibroids, shoulder pain, and knee pain. When my son returned home from school during his vacation, he was amazed by how much I had changed, and he gradually also began to practice Falun Dafa.

He changed completely in a short time. First, he stopped playing computer games that he had been addicted for years. He also became much more patient and kinder toward others, and his relationships with his classmates and family members improved. He was no longer a picky eater, and he took initiative to do housework. Seeing how much he changed, I felt so grateful toward Dafa and I cannot thank Master enough. Thank you so much Master: I will treasure all of this.

It also makes me think of other children and their parents. Children see and hear so much negative information every day, which makes it hard for them to distinguish good from bad, and beautiful things from ugly things. They sometimes want to wear a shirt that has a skull on it, and want to have a strange-looking hairstyles with all kinds of weird colors. Some children stay in Internet cafes all day long and some even bring the violence that they see in the computer games to life. All of this makes their parents very worried.

Falun Dafa is a great Buddha Fa and it is based on the principles of the universe. It has benefited millions of people in countless ways. Falun Dafa can correct the bad habits of youth and help children to get on an upright path. I hope that more children can grow up immersed in the Buddha Fa and enjoy good health and true happiness.

Thank you Master!