(Minghui.org) Ms. Sun Jifeng from Fengcheng City, Liaoning Province, came across Li Hongquan, a deputy secretary with the Fengcheng City Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC), at the Tianhewan dam during the Chinese New Year on February 7, 2016. Ms. Sun talked to and gave informational materials about Falun Gong to him.

Li arrested and illegally detained her first in the Fengshan District Police Department of Fengcheng City, then transferred her to the Dandong Detention Center.

Ms. Sun's family visited her in the detention center on February 10, and were told that she would be detained for 15 days.

Brief History of Persecution Committed by Li Hongquan

Li Hongquan, who actively persecutes Falun Gong practitioners, became the head of Fengcheng City 610 Office in August 2001, and deputy party secretary of the Fengcheng City PLAC in 2004.

To date, he has arrested 307 practitioners, detained 198, gave 63 forced labor terms, sentenced 40 to prison, and subjected 44 to brainwashing. 27 have been persecuted to death.

Li HongquanBuilding 5, District C, Tianhewan, Fengcheng City, Liaoning Province: +86-415-8122826 (o), +86-13691529336 (c), +86-13941595008 (c), +86-415-8126046 (h)