(Minghui.org) Minghui.org posted Master Li's new book Hong Yin IV on March 2, 2016. We were excited and appreciate Master's compassion.

We held a group study right after that, and some practitioners said that the new book should be printed soon so everyone would be able to read it. However, one practitioner said the book required some corrections before printing. I did not ask where the notice about the need for corrections had been published, because there were many people present.

I searched online for the notice about correcting characters after I got home, but failed to find it. I was waiting for the notice to come out over the next few days. After the following week's group study, I asked the fellow practitioner about the notice. She said she did not see one either. She said she read the poem “Meaning of Life” on page 88 and thought the last character should be changed. It was not a Minghui notice. [Editor's note: Minghui has received letters from many practitioners asking the same question or asking Minghui.org to correct the word. This word was confirmed before posting. Everyone, please study the Fa calmly.]

I felt quite uneasy after hearing her explanation. I did not speak up about it, because everyone was busy talking about how to rescue two fellow practitioners who had been arrested a few days before. My sister and I returned home after the group study. I asked her about correcting the word. She said we should not just do things at will. I agreed with her and said that this was a serious issue and an act of not believing in Master and the Fa.

A fellow practitioner came to my home the next day. I shared my thoughts with her. She said, “You are right. Whatever it is, we must believe in Master and the Fa.” She said that since I noticed this issue, I should speak out.

Several local fellow practitioners were arrested shortly after the new book was posted. I think one reason is that these practitioners did not pay enough attention to safety and that their belief in Master and the Fa was not strong enough. Some practitioners have doubts about Dafa and Master because the Fa-rectification has taken longer than they had anticipated.