(Minghui.org) I have noticed some issues taking place in group study for a long time, but haven't said or written anything because of my various notions. When a fellow practitioner recently told me that she noticed a problem, I realized it was important to bring the issue up.

This fellow practitioner said that after Fa study, some practitioners started chatting about nice clothes. They talked about where they could buy them and planned to go shopping together. One practitioner helps another cut hair, etc... Even though fellow practitioners can help each other in their daily lives, we have to be mindful of the situation and where we are doing it.

Group study is a cultivation format Master has given us. It's an environment for Dafa disciples to share cultivation experiences so we can improve our cultivation.

In the atmosphere of persecution that pervades China it's difficult to establish a regular study group. Practitioners risk their safety in order to get together to study the Fa. It's especially risky for those practitioners who open their homes for group study. We have to treasure every second. The evil is unblinkingly watching every Dafa disciple's thoughts and actions. They take advantage of every moment that we are not diligent to severely persecute us and to destroy sentient beings.

One Fa study group maintained a serious attitude for 7 years. The practitioners in this group walked a steady and righteous path of cultivation. They were always on time and sent forth righteous thoughts together. They shared their cultivation experiences, but never talked about daily trifles.

However, as more practitioners joined them, more human notions came into play. Some practitioners took truth-clarification materials there and asked for help with packaging. Some worked on packaging and talked to each other while listening to others' read the Fa. Some cooked lunch for the group and collected money to pay for the groceries. As time passed, they started talking about nice clothes, shopping and cooking. Some praised the host for doing a great job with the food and having no fear. This casual environment fostered many attachments, such as showing off, jealousy, complaints, attachments to themselves, etc... Even though some fellow practitioners attempted to change the situation, they couldn't.

Finally, this group Fa study site was discovered by the Communist Party and destroyed. It was a huge loss. The host practitioner was detained for 3 months, and is still imprisoned. I feel that every person in this group needs to reflect upon themselves, and cultivate their xinxing and speech. The reason for my sharing this story with you is so that fellow practitioners can all improve.

Master said,

“Remove your human thoughtsand evil will naturally die out”("Don't Be Sad" from Hong Yin II

When all of us correct ourselves, who would dare to persecute us?

I hope those veteran practitioners who were so fortunate to attend Master's lecture series will share how group Fa study was in the early days of spreading the Fa.

Please feel free to point out anything inappropriate! Heshi!