(Minghui.org) The food we eat helps us grow and becomes part of our composition. The only problem is that a lot of foodstuffs nowadays are not good for us.

Chickens can grow to reach 4 pounds in a little over a month with growth hormones, while naturally a chicken takes more than half a year to grow to 2 pounds. The result is that the chicken meat contains a lot of growth hormones. Eggs and milk also have the same problem if they are not produced naturally.

Many people are aware of the problems that exist in the food industry, and try to avoid certain foods. However, some Falun Dafa practitioners still indulge themselves, with a big attachment to food and taste.

Some practitioners assume that since Dafa eliminates the roots of illness, they don't need to care about the food they eat. They eat everything they like and enjoy the food and taste very much.

Being a practitioner, one needs to let go of all attachments and get rid of desires.

My understanding is that we still need to avoid certain foods and eventually let go of the attachment to taste.

I hope those practitioners who have the same attachment of taste as I had will realize the seriousness of this issue and be determined to eliminate it.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything that is incorrect.