(Minghui.org) After reading the Minghui editorial “Notice to Stop Distributing All Mainland China-only Editions of Shen Yun DVDs,” I immediately deleted all the video files of Shen Yun performances on my computer, which I had kept for years.

I saved Shen Yun video files every year, which came from the Minghui editorial office. Once the editorial office issued the notice, I deleted all the files.

I live in the countryside in China. A fellow practitioner encouraged me to buy a computer in 2004. What she said gave me a lasting impression: “If you have access to the Minghui website, you can keep up with developments in the Fa rectification.”

She was right. I can read Master's new articles and fellow practitioners' sharing articles on Minghui, and I can also learn all kinds of techniques that are necessary when letting people know about Falun Dafa and the persecution. Reading Minghui has become a part of my daily cultivation.

I felt bad after reading the Minghui editorial notice regarding distributing Shen Yun DVDs. I have applied for the permit from Minghui editorial office every year since 2011, for downloading Shen Yun video files. I also told other practitioners about the warning from Minghui that we should not take the files overseas.

Since we are in a remote countryside, going overseas is something too far away from our lives. So, we didn't pay much attention to the warning. Now, when I look inward, I realize that I was not being responsible. Since I didn't pay enough attention to the warnings, the practitioners who got the files from me didn't either. As the files spread, very few people took the warning seriously. I am partially responsible for this.

Here I would like remind practitioners to tell everybody that we must follow Minghui's notice 100%. We should not treat this issue with human notions. If we cannot put down our attachments on this issue, they will likely become obstacles in our cultivation.

My understanding is that this notice is for all of us, including every practitioner in China and overseas, especially those at material production sites.

If you have Shen Yun video and audio files on your computers, hard drives, CDs and flash drives, you must delete them immediately. The Minghui editorial notice explicitly asked us to do so, which is also Master's requirement.

All practitioners around the world use Minghui as a platform for sharing. So, we should follow Master's requirement and unconditionally follow the Minghui notice, and do what Master wants.

This is my understanding. Please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.