(Minghui.org) The Minghui editorial, “Notice to Stop Distributing All Mainland China-only Editions of Shen Yun DVDs” has prompted a lot of discussion among practitioners, and there have been varied thoughts and reactions to it. Our inappropriate behavior while distributing Shen Yun DVDs due to poor xinxing has caused problems.

Our behavior has had a negative impact, and interfered with what Master has already done and wants to achieve. When we clearly understand this, there is no need for further discussion or emotional reactions, and we definitely should not complain about each other.

Some fellow practitioners think they've been doing well, but it's obvious that the way some things have been done has directly interfered with what Master arranged. Even though serious notices have repeatedly been sent out, the inappropriate behavior did not stop, and it has negatively impacted everyone.

After cultivating for years, we should all know by now that improving our xinxing involves cultivating ourselves, and not complaining about others. Let's seize the limited time left to do the three things well and meet the requirements for Dafa disciples. We should focus on examining ourselves first whenever a problem surfaces. The best way to do what we are supposed to do, is to improve our own xinxing first and offer salvation to more sentient beings.

This is just my personal understanding. I hope that we can calm down and focus on what Master requires of us.