(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Heilongjiang Province who attended Master Li Hongzhi's lectures in Qiqihar in 1993, Harbin City in 1994, and Guangzhou in 1994.

Since the lectures in Qiqihar, over 22 years have passed, yet the precious memories of attending these early lectures remain clear in my mind.

Master's Lectures in Qiqihar

Master came to Qiqihar City and lectured at the Qiqihar Electrical Company Cultural Center in July 1993. He stayed at the Wuyi Hotel. Every day, he walked in Longsha Park and taught the exercises.

Master was kind, easygoing and treated everyone with respect, regardless of his or her social background. He stood upright, was tall and had a commanding presence. Even the colors of his clothes remain vivid in my mind--his shirt was white and his pants blue.

Master taught Fa principles and made them easy to understand. When teaching the exercises after each lecture, He stepped down from the podium and patiently corrected students' movements.

After each lecture, He asked us to write an experience-sharing article. I wrote in mine, “After listening to Master's lectures, I felt that Master is everyone's dearest person. The Fa principles are the most upright. Master, would you please come back?”

During the last lecture, I shed tears because I knew that Master was leaving.

Master finished the last lecture and stepped down from the podium. He did not allow students to escort him out.

Setting Up Practice Sites

Master helped set up practice sites and assigned assistants for the Qiqihar area.

Master had placed a table by the entrance in the lobby of the cultural center. Those who volunteered to provide audiotape players signed up, formed practice sites and became assistants for the respective sites.

Improvements in Mind and Body

I attended Master's lectures with my mother and sister. My sister slept through the lectures, but she heard every word that Master said. All our illnesses were cured.

Prior to this lecture, my health had been poor, and I had practiced other types of qigong. I had a hereditary coronary heart disease and painful menstrual cramps, which neither Chinese medicine or Western medicine could cure.

I used to be unsociable and depressed, but since attending the lectures, I have become cheerful and optimistic.

Master's Lectures in Harbin

Master gave lectures at the Harbin Stadium in August 1994. I remember Master was wearing a dark blue suit, a white shirt and a blue, polka dot tie.

During the entire lecture series, I felt Master was next to me at every moment.

In the hotel, a faucet was not turned off, and I wondered if I should turn it off. I wondered if cultivators should be in a state free of intention. So I did not turn the water off. During that evening's lecture, Master mentioned that if practitioners did not turn off running water, it was a xinxing problem.

Master's Lectures in Guangzhou

In December 1994, I took a train to attend Master's Guangzhou lecture series. After I got off the train, I saw Guangzhou practitioners holding a sign stating that they were there to pick up Falun Gong practitioners, although they did not know us.

The Guangzhou practitioners offered to help us find places to stay. Instead of expensive hotels, they found us affordable accommodations – empty dorms in the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine for 8 yuan (USD$1.22) a night. I was deeply touched by Dafa practitioners’ altruism.

Master Made an Exception for the Guangzhou Lectures

We learned that Master had stopped giving lectures around the country because he was worried about transportation problems to and from the hosting cities. Master always felt responsible when the tours affected society's needs.

The Guangzhou Qigong Association scheduled lectures for Master to speak, but did not tell him about the lectures until all the tickets were sold out. When Master arrived, he agreed to speak, not wanting to disappoint anyone.

We went to the Guangzhou Stadium to get tickets. I stood in line from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., but did not feel tired although I was five months pregnant and had just arrived from a long train trip. The tickets for seats ran out before I could get one. Luckily, I got a standing ticket.

Those who were unable to get any type of ticket were allowed to watch the lectures on a video screen in the police department hall.

Master: “Children have to play”

It was an exciting moment when Master walked into the stadium. As soon as Master walked in, one could hear a needle drop in the entire stadium.

Master said,

“The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities.” (Zhuan Falun)

Some of us with standing tickets were moved to in front of the podium. My sister had brought her 8-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with inflammation of the brain tissue. The child started to play, and I tried to stop her.

Master looked at us and said, “Children have to play. Don't stop her. She won't miss anything. She will hear everything she is supposed to hear, which may be more than grownups.”

After the 10-day lecture, the child had recovered, and even the cavities in her teeth were gone. Today she has grown into a very smart young woman, and she follows the Falun Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Master Knew of Practitioners' Hardships

Because of my pregnancy and our financial difficulties, my husband had not wanted me to travel to Guangzhou.

To help with our food budget, my mother had packed a lot of baked goods and instant noodles for our 7-day round trip. Master seemed to know all this and said in the lecture,

“There are more than three thousand people who came from great distances, the farthest being from Heilongjiang and Xinjiang, which are four to five thousand kilometers, or more than eight thousand li away. It’s a long way to get here, and you endured a lot of hardships. Some people don’t even have enough money, and every day they eat instant noodles or even crackers. Why did you do that? You have come here to learn this Fa and obtain this Fa, right? So you do know how precious this Fa is.” (“Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Guangzhou” from Zhuan Falun Fajie)

“Typical for qigong masters to set up an energy field”

During the lectures, my baby moved in my womb until the end of each lecture.

Also, while listening to Master, Falun and colorful clouds appeared in the sky over Guangzhou, and could be seen by everyday people – circles made of numerous small Faluns were spinning constantly. People contacted each other and everyone ran to their roofs to see. Many people took pictures, and so did I. A practitioner asked Master about this the next day. He said that genuine qigong masters set up energy fields when teaching.

On the last day of the lectures, the administrator of the Guangzhou Qigong Association gave a speech and said, “Falun Dafa is such a wonderful qigong: In addition to Chinese people obtaining it, people throughout the world should also obtain it.”

Then he explained, “After this lecture, Master Li will start teaching the Fa abroad and spread the seeds of Falun Dafa across the globe. We hope Master will come back home as soon as he is done and won't let us wait too long. We are longing for Master's return.”

Everyone applauded. Master was standing three feet away from the podium and smiling.

Master's Farewell

Someone wrote a note to Master, “We could not see you very well from far away. We long for Master to walk around the stadium so that we can see you clearly.”

Master did walk around the stadium. Wherever Master went, people rushed to reach for His hands. Knowing that He was leaving, many people's faces were covered with tears.

People presented Master with flowers and silk banners. In the end, He sat on the table and made the big lotus flower hand sign. Before he left the auditorium, He gave us caring and encouraging words.

Harmonious Field

It was very difficult to buy return tickets from Guangzhou, because we were three adults and one child, and the rail lines were crowded with fellow practitioners traveling back to their homes. Luckily someone had extra tickets, and we arranged for a time to get the tickets.

For some unknown reason, we arrived two hours early, and happened to run into the people who had promised us the tickets. It turned out that they had to leave early. If we had not come earlier, we would have missed getting the tickets. Master is watching out for his disciples under every circumstance and at every moment!

In the harmonious energy field set up by Master, my mind was peaceful and tranquil, and nothing affected me. This state lasted throughout our stay in Guangzhou and for another day and night. Then, I gradually returned to my regular state of mind so that I could cultivate.