(Minghui.org) An anonymous phone call from a factory was made to a police department back in 2002. The caller told the police that there was a person where he worked who practiced Falun Gong. The caller went on to tell the police that this employee was also telling others about Falun Gong and giving them amulets that bear Falun Gong information.

Falun Gong was at that time under the most ferocious attacks by the Chinese Communist regime. The police department assigned two officers, a political director, and the deputy head in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, to the case. They went to the general manager’s office in the company.

After listening to the reason for their visit, the manager told the police, “Recently bankrupted, our business is in bad shape. Employees are anxious, morale is low. Our sales are low and the profit margin is small. We are having a hard time now. The person you are targeting is our best employee. He is hardworking, very conscientious and always takes responsibility for his actions.”

The manager gave an example, “In the warehouse where he manages material, he is very strict and professional. He does not allow any waste. Under his management, our material cost was minimized and we realized a noticeable material cost saving.”

He continued, “This person always helps others in and outside of work. It is not easy to find people like this nowadays,” the manager added. “That is why our management team put him in charge of the department. He is our best employee.”

The manager then said, “Many people are selfish. After he refused to let others take advantage of the company resources, someone became upset and reported him to the police. Please don’t listen to the secret informant. This person in question is a model employee.”

Finally, one of the officers said, “We were told to investigate the case. Since he is such a good person, we will go back to discuss this with our boss.”

I heard this story from the political director at a party. He was very impressed by the practitioner’s conduct and the general manager’s praise.

Based on my information, the general manager was rewarded after he defended the practitioner. He has a harmonious family life, is of good health, and his financial situation is now very good.