(Minghui.org) It was October 1996 when my husband handed me the book Zhuan Falun and I first set eyes on the words “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.” A wonderful sense of joy came over me and I believed that those are principles people should live by.

For the past 19 years, Falun Gong’s extraordinary power has constantly manifested in my household.

Soon after I started the practice, my seven-year-old son came home from school and complained that his right foot hurt.

I rubbed his foot gently and found no detectable problem with his bones. I presumed that he might have twisted his ankle a bit and the pain would pass soon enough.

Two days later, however, his right foot turned red and began to swell. From the lower leg, the swelling soon spread almost to his thigh. He developed a fever. Every night, he had to go to the toilet at least a dozen times.

So my husband and I took him to the Wuchang Guangzhou Military General Hospital. It was 8 o’clock in the morning. We waited outside the operating room.

The surgeon came in and asked us some general questions, then examined our son’s leg. He seemed very alarmed.

“Your son’s leg is oozing pus.” He informed us bluntly. “We need to perform surgery at once or his leg will be lost.”

We knew our son’s condition was very serious when the doctor bypassed the necessary registration and payment processes to proceed directly with our son’s surgery.

They made two 12-inch incisions on my child's leg and pus and blood spewed out, filling up half a washbasin.

I noticed the flesh between the leg bones was already rotten and the connective tissue had turned a green color. The whole leg was quite hollow inside. A big wad of gauze stuffed into the hollow practically disappeared out of sight.

The dressing needed to be changed every day. First, the big wad of gauze would have to be pulled out and thoroughly sterilized. A knife would be used to scrape away the green tissue from the bones. The decaying flesh would have to be exposed and cut off, little by little, with a pair of scissors until it bled. Then the rotten mass would be removed and the sterilized big wad of gauze would be stuffed back into the cavity.

Each time the dressing was changed, my son would have to undergo another tortuous ordeal, and his entire body would go limp as if paralyzed.

For the next two months, we spent more than 200 yuan each day for his treatment, but our son's leg did not improve. He was on an IV, but his fever continued to rage on, and the flesh in his leg continued to rot.

Finally, the hospital organized a consultation team of experts, each with about 30 years of experience.

Their preliminary diagnosis was osteomyelitis, but we would need to pay 4,000 yuan for bone marrow tests. If their diagnosis was correct, amputation would be in order or our son’s life would be seriously threatened.

The surgery fees and related medical costs were estimated at over 20,000 yuan. For our family, that amount was simply astronomical.

By that time, we had already exhausted all our savings, sold everything we could sell, and borrowed whatever we could borrow. We were at the brink of bankruptcy. How were we to come up with the money necessary for more tests, much less for surgery and treatment?

It was already five days before the New Year. With no money for the recommended treatment, we could only spend several hundred yuan on medicine and took our son home.

Our son continued to run a fever, so we took him to a well-known local private clinic every day for an IV and to have his dressing changed.

On the fifth day of the New Year, when we were at the clinic for another infusion, a female doctor noticed the Falun emblem on my husband’s necklace.

She asked with genuine curiosity, “Why is something turning around and around inside this thing? It feels so strange, but marvelous.”

We were impressed that she could see the spinning of the emblem in another dimension and told her, “This is a Falun emblem. Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa, a universal Law that saves people. Dafa teaches us the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance, which are measures we live by to be truly good people. Only in cultivating ourselves to high levels can we raise our xinxing to return to our original true selves, and eventually to our real homes.”

She was very interested, so that evening, she came with her aunt to our house to listen to Master Li's recorded lectures.

That same evening, I saw in our backyard a big, transparent Falun with a purple hue revolving slowly. The srivatsa and the taiji design in the middle were both very clear and sharp, and were also revolving slowly.

I glanced behind me to where my son was, and noticed two small Faluns revolving quickly around my son’s hands. They were both emitting very strong light.

I shared what I saw with my husband. We decided that we would teach our son the Falun Gong exercises.

For more than three months, our son would scream in pain if his right leg was moved or even touched momentarily. Since he also couldn’t put weight on it, he couldn’t walk, so he had to be carried to use the toilet every time.

But as soon as he started doing the exercises, he was able to stand up. His fever left him, and he was able to limp outside to play. Every night, his leg would swell up, but during the day, the swelling just disappeared.

We believed Master was helping him eliminate his karma. So, every day, we would wash his wound with salt water, then wrap his leg up with gauze. We stopped his medicine, but we exercised together every day and listened to Master’s lectures.

About a month later, his wound slowly closed up and his leg was finally, completely healed.

My son had spent more than two months in the hospital and we had spent nearly 10,000 yuan for treatment but got no relief, much less a cure, for his osteomyelitis. We studied Falun Gong teachings and did the exercises together for a little over a month and our son completely recovered.

Our gratitude is beyond words.