(Minghui.org) Many Falun Gong material production sites in our region were recently ransacked by the police. Almost all these incidents were caused by practitioners not paying attention to their personal safety. As Falun Gong practitioners and Dafa disciples, we need to pay attention to this and prevent further losses.

When some practitioners do not pay attention to safety, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials bug their phones and listen to their phone conversations for a long time. This can negatively affect the practitioners they are in contact with and create huge tribulations for everyone involved.

My understanding is that this kind of interference is a reflection of our own shortcomings. Similar situations have happened many times around the country. The consequences are catastrophic, and practitioners who are involved need to take it seriously.

Incidents like this can happen because practitioners have attachments. When one practitioner talks with others about the projects we do, whether it's on a cell phone or a land line, Communist Party officials can gather information to monitor other practitioners.

In fact, practitioners responsible for this kind of damage are often those who do not actively work on projects themselves; rather, they tend to pass on information to others. Besides causing losses to others, many such practitioners have been ruined by the old forces—a large number of them do not practice anymore.

Here is one example: A local practitioner paid little attention to phone safety, so I talked with him about this in person for about two hours. But he ignored me and called another practitioner afterward to discuss a project. Two hours later, he had a terrible car accident. His situation has deteriorated since then, and now he can no longer be considered a practitioner.

Please be mindful of safety issues, for both ourselves and others.