(Minghui.org) When I had reached a certain cultivation state several years ago, I thought, “It would be wonderful if the persecution hadn't happened, and if all sentient beings could be elevated to the new universe. Then, Master wouldn't have to endure such hardship. If the old forces had not started the persecution, then untold Dafa disciples wouldn't have lost their lives.”

This thought lingered in my mind and filled my heart. I entered another dimension to ask, “How could the persecution in 1999 have been prevented?”

I moved from level to level until I reached the highest level I could at my cultivation level. Lives at every level I could reach just shook their heads. It seemed to be unavoidable and irreversible.

Fundamental Reason for Persecution Made Clear

Helplessly, I looked up to the starry sky. The sky opened like the petals of a blooming flower. A ray of golden light poured down, and I heard a voice say, “If Dafa disciples, as a whole body, could have rationally understood the Fa with a clear mind in 1999, changed themselves based on Dafa's guidance, and consistently stayed in the state of genuine cultivation, the persecution wouldn't have been arranged.”

This is profound. It tells of the power of Dafa disciples' decisions, their mighty virtue, their responsibility and mission, and so much more.

Master has taught us these principles from different perspectives many times. Even though I was aware of these principles, my understanding was very shallow. This most recent experience gave me a breakthrough into the deeper and microcosmic level of understanding. The profound meaning made a deep impression on me.

I further thought that, if Dafa disciples would have met the criteria mentioned above, the persecution would not have been so rampant, the Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings might have turned out differently, and we would have been able to turn things around to accomplish what Master had planned.

Not All Is Lost

The fundamental reason for everything has been made clear. Even though it's too late to prevent the persecution, we have not completely lost our opportunity. Master has extended the ending time for us again and again, and waited to see how we can improve our understanding through reading Zhuan Falun and cultivating solidly.

Dafa disciples have studied the book many times, but how much have we understood?

Test for Dafa Disciples

I understood that the three realms are the lowest dimension of the universe, and that the human world is a low-level dimension within the three realms.

Today's Chinese society is the worst ever. Faith in gods is almost lost. People plot against one another and treat one another coldly. Under normal circumstances, such a society would have been destroyed.

Choosing such a dimension in which to spread Dafa and offer salvation is actually a test for Dafa disciples. It is to see if we can handle our relationships with everyday people, fellow practitioners, and the society despite its deterioration and being in such a low-level dimension.

How do we handle our social relationships well in the human world and higher levels? The key is in righteous enlightenment and in exhibiting altruism and selflessness. If Dafa disciples today could reach such a state and stay in such a state despite all tribulations, the cosmic bodies of future kings would be incomparably solid.

One Strives For Altruism & Selflessness

I have met many Dafa disciples in different places. They are great cultivators and thinkers, and very independent. When I had in-depth discussions with them individually, they openly admitted it was impossible for them to reach complete altruism and selflessness. They also witnessed that their fellow practitioners could not accomplish it. They said altruism and selflessness were more like a good wish, a goal to strive for!

Criteria to Achieve the State of Altruism and Selflessness

When I read “Different Levels Have Different Laws” in Zhuan Falun, I gained some understanding of the criteria needed to achieve the state of altruism and selflessness.

First of all, we have to accept that we are insignificant. Compared to the universe and all lives, we are tiny particles among massive groups of stars. No matter which level and dimension we are in, whether other lives respect or doubt us, or which level of lives we deal with, we have to truly maintain this mentality, regardless of changes in our environment and situation.

Looking up at the cosmos as an insignificant particle makes it easy to grow a bigger heart and further open one's mind. Even though others may not understand us, we can still think of them. Without such a mindset, a person's ego could easily get out of hand.

Secondly, we should be modest and respectful. Such behavior is not a means to protect ourselves or a sophisticated way of being good. It also should not turn into the hypocritical modesty influenced by the Chinese Communist Party's indoctrination. It also should not turn into the humbleness seen sometimes in everyday society. It is the natural modesty and respectfulness that comes from the bottom of the heart.

Internal Sincerity Expresses Itself Outwardly”

As the ancient Chinese said, “Internal sincerity expresses itself outwardly.” It also could be stated as “Have an upright mind and truly exhibit sincerity.” One's mind would not be upright if one is not modest and respectful. If one lacks these basic virtues, even if one has cultivated to a certain level or realm, or even in a state of gradual enlightenment, one is likely to go wrong and fall.

Last but not least, a cultivator needs to be rational and objective, especially when running into something he or she does not understand. We should be more cautious, and not make judgment or comment without due consideration. Without rationality and objectiveness, one can easily form rigid notions, which leads to mistakes.

When one understands these standards or reaches such a cultivation state, it is a powerful feeling. This feeling is the righteous thought of altruism and selflessness. It motivates your human side to think of others' needs first. Such behavior is not forced, but arises naturally and automatically from the bottom of the heart.