(Minghui.org) I was standing outside the Guangzhou Railway Station with another practitioner in October 2015. We two had been through many difficult times. I was shocked to see three police officers come up to us and arrest my friend.

Wondering what exactly had happened, I realized that we had been monitored and were wanted.

A Large Loophole

I wondered how this could have happened. Then, I recalled an incident that occurred a few days before. My wife told me that we had leaking water pipes somewhere in our home. Our monthly water bill, usually about 70 yuan, was over 2,000 yuan.

This awakened me, and I felt that there must be loopholes in my cultivation. On the surface, we had a bad water leak, and a precious resource was being wasted. I was certain that Master was warning me that there was a big loophole in my cultivation.

This spurred me on to stay indoors and look within. What on earth had gone wrong with us? I had known my fellow practitioner for many years. He studied the Fa diligently and cultivated well.

He was always ready to look inward whenever there was a problem. In particular he devoted himself to doing the three things well as a Dafa disciple. Then why did we encounter such a large tribulation?

Fellow Practitioners Come to Help

Other practitioners came and offered to help. They joined me in Fa study and supported me in my quest to discover what caused the incident. We looked inward and sent righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil.

I found many attachments, loopholes, and shortcomings, such as the lack of a tranquil mind when studying the Fa and attachments to human mentalities, such as lust, and so on. Nevertheless, it still seemed that there was a big, hidden loophole.

One practitioner suggested that I look within to see if I had done something that interfered with the Fa. This remark surprised me. "Had I really failed to comply with the Dafa principles?" I asked myself in earnest.

Disrupting the Fa

I then recalled how enthusiastic I was about Master's lyrics in his book Hong Yin III shortly after it was published. I was a professional musician and always keen on composing music in a home recording studio.

I decided to write music for the lyrics. I was swept off my feet by the sentimental attachment to showing off and obsessed with what I was about to do. Of course, I was well aware that no one could put music to Master's lyrics, but I ignored it. I thought that this was only to entertain myself and not to be shared.

However, I decided to send my music composition to the Minghui website in the hope that it would be acknowledged.

I believed that playing the music to the lyrics would benefit me and help me learn the Fa and memorize Master’s words. It sounded pure, simple, and perfect, but as a matter of fact, I had a deep hidden desire that would disrupt the Fa and have me take the greatest risk of my life.

I also remembered that I had asked the practitioner who was arrested to join me in playing and singing the songs I wrote. He was pleased to download the songs to his mobile phone for the sake of convenience, although later I asked him to delete them as soon as possible. Now I see that our behavior was irrational and interfered with the Fa.

I realized that it was my responsibility to rectify the wrongdoing. I deleted not only all of the sheet music and audio files stored on my computers, but also the ones stored on my fellow practitioner’s computer in his home.

A Big Lesson with Profound Loss

Both of us had been fired from our jobs. Unable to find other work, we were short of money. We planned to earn a living by producing music in a home recording studio.

We borrowed more than 100,000 yuan as a start-up fund, but the police seized it when they arrested my friend. He had transferred the funds into his bank account. As a result, the authorities managed to use his credit card as evidence to frame and sentence him to prison.

I felt deep remorse at all the serious and dangerous misdeeds I had done to disrupt the Fa. I failed to live up to Master’s expectations.

There was a sharp pain in my heart as I asked myself why I made such serious mistakes again and again. What drove me to do wrong like this?

Finding the Root of the Problem

Upon returning home, I read several articles by Master: “A Heavy Blow” and “Bear in Mind Forever” in Essentials for Further Advancement, as well as the article “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa” published by the Minghui Editorial Board.

I came to see that my misconduct was no different from someone lecturing on the Fa or taking notes, recording, or videotaping when Master spoke. Master has told us that doing any of these things amounts to disrupting the Fa.

The root of the problem was that I failed to study the Fa diligently or take the Fa seriously enough.

Master said,

“Cultivation is your own matter, and it is your own decision what you pursue. Everyday people all have both demon-nature and Buddha-nature. Demon-nature will take effect once a person’s mind is not righteous. Let me tell you again that an outsider can never damage the Fa. Only students can damage the Fa—remember this!” (“Stability of the Fa” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

I was so ashamed I couldn’t forgive myself. It was a big lesson. We cannot do whatever we want according to our personal wishes and feelings, because the Fa is solemn and sacred.

I’m also beginning to see that it is a Dafa disciple’s duty to uphold Dafa rather than validate oneself based on one's impulses.

As a Dafa disciple, I will hold Master's teaching in my heart and do the three things well. I will strive to do what is right every day to live up to Master's expectations!