(Minghui.org) My husband was illegally sentenced to seven years in prison for practicing Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong). He was released after being tortured for more than 600 days. He barely survived.

The prison guards dropped him off at our home. They put him on the bed and quickly left. He was like a skeleton. His eyes were closed and his body was cold.

My daughter chased after the guards, yelling, “Do you people have any conscience? How could you torture anyone like that?”

I called my husband's name several times but he didn't respond. I asked my daughter to come into the house and help me recite “Falun Dafa is good!” My husband finally opened his eyes after we shouted the words three times, but he couldn't talk.

My daughter warmed up some milk and spoon-fed him little by little. I asked Master for help. Although I couldn't see Master, I knew he was beside me. I knew that as long as we have faith in Master and the Fa, miracles would happen.

I was so relieved that my husband survived, and quickly shared the good news with everyone.

I thanked Master. I am so fortunate and honored to be a Dafa practitioner. Having Master and Dafa in my life has given me confidence. When the prison guards asked me if they should send my husband to the hospital or back home, I didn't hesitate: I told them to bring him home.

My husband was jailed and tortured for more than 600 days. His weight reduced more than half, yet he survived the ordeal under Master's protection and with practitioners' help.

Looking Inward after Being Arrested

My husband and I were arrested at the same time. I was given one year of forced labor, while my husband was sentenced to seven years in prison. He went on a hunger strike, endangering his life. After my release I decided to try to secure his release.

The road ahead of me seemed very difficult, as I had no experience from which to draw. But the words “cultivating compassion” came to my mind.

After a period of confusion, I calmed down to study the Fa. I hand-copied Master's teachings and continued to look inward. I soon discovered that I had a strong attachment to competitiveness against my husband. I was also jealous of him and wanted to get revenge for different things. These were attachments that stemmed from sentimentality. They were impure substances that took over my heart, covering my true nature – my compassion.

When I found my problems and rid myself of the bad thoughts about my husband, my heart broadened and my compassionate side emerged.

I understood that my husband's current situation was directly related to me. I used to have very strong human notions about him when I sent forth righteous thoughts. As such, I caused more hardship for him. After I identified my problems, changed my attitude and sent forth righteous thoughts to support him, his righteous thoughts also became stronger.

I asked the prison chief to allow me to see my husband. Practitioners also sent forth righteous thoughts outside the building. I talked to the officers about the goodness of Falun Dafa, and they approved my request to visit him.

I was able to see my husband on just two occasions. We had an open conversation while under surveillance and being videotaped. Even though my husband was so thin and had no energy to sit up, I was not moved by the illusion of illness. We both looked inward and broke through the gaps between us. We recited Hong Yin and shared our understandings based on the Fa.

We were very absorbed in our brief conversations together, as if no one else was around. I knew the guards, inmates and doctors were listening quietly. The atmosphere was filled with peace and compassion, and it was like our conversation also had the effect of awakening them. Although the guards didn't allow me to visit my husband again, I believed that I had already done what I was supposed to do.

Raising My Cultivation Level While Rescuing My Husband

The process I went through of rescuing my husband was also a process of upgrading my cultivation level. It gave me an opportunity to talk to the prison officers about Falun Dafa, and it enabled me to eliminate attachments to resentment and fear. My compassionate side thus emerged. I studied and hand-copied Zhuan Falun every day and shared with fellow practitioners. I noticed my xinxing level continually rise.

Sometimes my daughter and I would stand outside the prison all day in the cold winter, waiting for the guards to approve our visit. After the other visitors had left, the guards would close all the blinds. I would stand outside the prison sending forth righteous thoughts. I knew I was not the only one there, as Master, the righteous gods and other practitioners were there too.

My daughter fainted in the subway one time after the guards turned down a request to see my husband. She was exhausted – tired and hungry. I neither blamed nor hated the guards for it. I just asked them to stop persecuting my husband. I explained that those who persecute practitioners would one day meet with karmic retribution. They seemed to understand.

I continued to visit officers in the prison, the Prison Administrative Bureau and the Bureau of Justice to tell them about my husband's situation. I asked them to help him, and I wrote them letters about the benefits of practicing Dafa.

I remained calm regardless of their attitudes, and shared with them the wonders of the practice.