(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners in China have encountered interference from authorities after filing lawsuits against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Police in our area collected the names of all practitioners who filed lawsuits against the former leader, and arrested over 100 of them.

The situation looked devastating, and the old forces seemed rampant, but this is merely a surface level illusion, as most arrested practitioners have already been released.

Local Officials Ignorant

Some practitioners began to investigate local government officials for future legal action. During the process, we found that many officials were ignorant about Dafa cultivation practice, and why practitioners file lawsuits against Jiang. This gave us the incentive to talk to them about Dafa and the persecution.

We don't acknowledge the old forces’ interference, which destroys sentient beings and interferes with our cultivation. We should use these arrangements as an important opportunity to save people.

Intensive Action by Practitioners

When we heard that the police department was about to start large-scale arrests, some practitioners suggested that we intensively send forth righteous thoughts. I saw a notice from a nearby area asking practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts for at least two hours every day for six months, in addition to the daily regular times.

Master said,

“As for Dafa practitioners sending righteous thoughts, if you are able to send righteous thoughts at the set times, and if you are able to send righteous thoughts when you experience interference to clear it out, then that’s good enough. You can send righteous thoughts when you encounter obvious interference and clear it out. But don’t do this very frequently or get a large number of people involved. That’s because Dafa disciples are all working on saving people and clarifying the facts, and so wouldn’t doing other things interfere?” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

Our task is to save people. We should use our time well, so we have enough time to tell people about Falun Dafa, as well as send forth righteous thoughts.

After sharing our understanding, we agreed to scale back our extended time of sending forth righteous thoughts. Instead, we decided to make phone calls to the law enforcement offices, and clarify the facts to them. Meanwhile we will look inward for our own shortcomings.

We obtained a list of local law enforcement phone numbers, and assigned them to practitioners to call. Besides talking to the officials on the phone, we downloaded materials from the Minghui website, edited them, and mailed the text and photo messages to the officials.

Law Enforcement Officers Turn About

Our efforts yielded great results. For example, one practitioner called a police officer at his office, and convinced him and a dozen of his co-workers to quit the CCP.

Another practitioner called a police officer who had once harassed a practitioner. His family member talked to the practitioner, as the officer didn't dare answer the phone. Touched by the practitioner's compassion, the officer's family member promised to convince him not to be involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners.

When talking to those involved in law enforcement, many practitioners realized that our negative minds towards them must have affected their actions. We were previously treating them as our opponents.

Because of suing Jiang and our subsequent truth clarification efforts, we've realized our mistakes and made up for them.

Master has to endure a huge amount of the world’s karma to extend the time so that we can save more people.

I hope that every practitioner will cherish the time, cultivate themselves well, and save more sentient beings.