(Minghui.org) A young Falun Dafa practitioner had her third eye open from a very young age. The following is part of what she has seen at her cultivation level.

Divine beings are everywhere in the heavens, and all eyes are watching closely the thoughts of everyone on earth. When Dafa practitioners are validating the Fa, two righteous gods in other dimensions are beside them. One writes down everything the practitioner did without missing any details, while the other protects the practitioner.

Every practitioner has at least one law-guardian god, some have several. They are very sacred and solemn.

The young girl was startled when she first saw a law-guardian god. Some law-guardian gods hold an ax above their head, and some hold a huge hammer. With various kinds of Fa-implements, each and every law-guardian god is extraordinarily brave and incomparably majestic.

No Need to Be Afraid

When the young practitioner and her father distribute Dafa informational materials, as soon as his fear surfaces, she says, “Don't be afraid. The Law-guardian gods are not holding a huge ax for nothing.”

In addition, Master puts a shield on everything a practitioner passes through, so that no wicked demons or rotten spirits can enter and interfere.

When they distributed informational materials one day, a huge dog rushed at her, barking. She said to the dog, “Be quiet! I came here to save you and your master!” The dog stopped barking and kept wagging its tail. She smiled and patted the dog's head. The dog turned around and left.

Another time, she went out to put up self-adhesive posters about Dafa, but her fear surfaced. Master's Law Body suddenly appeared and smiled at her. Her fear immediately disappeared, and she finished putting up the posters.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

Her father could not wake up at midnight to send forth righteous thoughts sometimes, and even yelled at her after she woke him up. She cried and once said, “Dad, a barbed whip is around your neck! You must eliminate it. What are you waiting for!”

Every time her father was half asleep when sending forth righteous thoughts, she saw a rotten spirit next to him trying to interfere. She yelled for him to wake up. As soon as he came out of his sleepy state, the spirit was eliminated in an instant.

After the Chinese New Year, this young practitioner went outside. The streets were packed with people. She saw with her third eye that most of them had a red circle on their head with the character for “Death” written inside it. She realized that they were going to be eliminated, and there were so many of them! Those who were saved through practitioners' truth-clarification efforts had a blue rope going into the sky, but there were very few of them.

Her grandma was not a practitioner. She listened to Master's lectures for two months before she died. At the funeral, this young practitioner saw two gods take her grandma with them. Her grandma's clothes turned colorful and beautiful in an instant, similar to what the heavenly maidens wear. Then, her grandma turned into a beautiful young lady.

She has also seen that, after an elderly practitioner passed away due to sickness karma, Master sent gods to take her to the heavens and let her sit next to him on a lotus seat.

The above are only a few of the visions the young practitioner has seen with her third eye.