(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa since 1995 and have experienced the extraordinary powers of this cultivation practice.

I slipped on a patch of ice and seriously injured my left kneecap in March 2002. A section of bone was protruding through the skin. Above and below my knee, bones felt as if they were fractured and misaligned.

My husband and brother were really concerned and wanted to take me to the hospital. I told them that it wasn't necessary, because Dafa has the power to heal my injuries. I then pushed all the protruding bones back into place.

My injured knee became inflamed and swollen. Looking at my leg, I thought of Master and Dafa and decided that I would be able to walk and stand. For a Fa-rectification period practitioner, my ability to walk was critical for doing the three things that Master asks us to do.

Believing in Master and Dafa

My brother suggested that I consult an orthopedic specialist and worried that the bones might not set correctly. I firmly refused his suggestion.

Two practitioners came to my home to send forth righteous thoughts after hearing about my accident. They suggested that I consult an orthopedic specialist who is a Dafa practitioner, but I refused.

My colleagues and managers from my workplace also visited me. They expressed their concern at the severity of my injury. One of my bosses had been a military doctor and advised me to seek medical attention or risk losing my leg. I thanked him and told him that I would recover and return to work in no time.

“You should consider seeking treatment at a hospital,” said another practitioner. “Your family members are all ordinary people. It would reflect badly on Dafa if anything bad were to happen to you.”

I responded, “It is precisely because I wish to follow Dafa's teachings that I refuse to go to the hospital. Hospitals are meant for ordinary people and rely on ordinary treatment methods. Also, a complete cure is not guaranteed. I believe that the power of Dafa can completely restore my knee and enable me to walk again.”

Another practitioner came to visit the next day. We sent forth righteous thoughts for two hours. My knee remained swollen, but I was able to walk to the living room and even sit in the double lotus position to meditate. With my new-found mobility, I quickly prepared lunch for everyone. My family was very surprised when they saw my rapid recovery.

I resumed my daily schedule of studying the Fa, doing the exercises, doing household chores, and cooking for my family. My swift return to work surprised my managers and colleagues. Many voiced their respect and amazement at the power of Dafa.

The day I returned to work I had to move all my belongings from my old office on the first floor to my new office on the second floor. By the end of the day, my knee was so swollen that I had to change to a pair of looser pants. In addition, new bruises had appeared.

I paid these changes little heed once I got home. I studied the Fa and did the exercises as usual. I felt Falun rotating above my knee as I did the exercises.

Improving Enlightenment Quality

Although I was able to walk, I had a limp because my leg was numb and weak. A colleague, who is also a practitioner, said that I'd better stay home because I would disgrace Dafa if I limped like that.

Her words struck a chord with me. I truly had to display the power of Dafa. My limp would cast doubt on my claim that I had been cured. With a righteous mindset, the discomfort vanished and I was able to walk normally.

Once I reached home, however, the stiffness returned to my knee. When he saw me limping, my husband said, “Didn’t Dafa cure you? Why are you acting as though your leg is still injured?”

His uncaring words made me sad.

Regardless of my injury, I had tried not to inconvenience him and took care of the household chores and grocery shopping as usual. However, I realized that, first and foremost, I am a Dafa practitioner! Master must have sent this tribulation to help me improve my level.

I searched inward and wondered why I was able to walk properly at work but not at home. Was it because I considered myself a Dafa practitioner at work but not at home? After correcting my thinking, I was able to walk normally no matter where I was.

Over the next few days, the swelling around my knee rapidly decreased and the bruises began to fade.

Witnessing the Power of Dafa

Sitting in bed ten days after my injury, I suddenly felt a pair of hands pressing on my kneecap. An audible chime rang out 12 times and then a hand carefully smoothed over my injury.

Throughout the course of this tribulation, Master had taken away most of my discomfort and pain and was now healing the bones in my knee. Soon after, I heard clicking noises from my kneecap. An invisible force gently straightened then relaxed my leg. This sequence repeated itself for over half an hour as my family gazed in amazement.

This treatment occurred daily over the next few days whenever my leg was at rest. This gave me the opportunity to demonstrate the visible power of Dafa. I showed this miracle to my colleagues, other practitioners, friends, and family. They all expressed their surprise to see my bones visibly shifting under my skin, accompanied by clicking noises.

Although I had largely recovered by then, I was still unable to fully straighten and lift my leg at the same time.

On the twentieth day, while chatting on the sofa with another practitioner, an invisible force suddenly lifted my leg until it was parallel to the ground. The force gently released my leg until my foot was resting on the floor again. After a few repetitions, I was able to walk normally.