(Minghui.org) Another year will soon be upon us and it is time to produce New Year’s greeting cards.

Many Falun Dafa practitioners make their own greeting cards to express their gratitude to Master Li Hongzhi (founder of Falun Dafa) around important dates—New Year’s Day, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and World Falun Dafa Day on May 13.

I didn’t know how to make e-cards at first. I was 55 when I decided to make greeting cards on the computer. I didn't know how to input Chinese characters. I needed this basic skill to access the Minghui website.

When I started, I was very slow, but I steadily improved little by little. I learned not only how to type Chinese characters on a keyboard, but also how to add characters to pictures.

Gradually I could make beautiful pictures with any caption I wanted. I was so happy. I knew that without Master's help I couldn't learn so fast.

I didn't realize that I had to keep improving myself. I slacked off and just went through the motions when I made greeting cards for various occasions. I didn’t remember to make cards until about five days before this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. My heart pounded once I realized how late I was this year. Usually we submit our e-cards to Minghui a few days before the actual holiday.

I recalled a Minghui article reminding practitioners to not just go through motions while making greeting cards, and I knew something was wrong with me.

I looked inside myself. On the surface, the reason I rushed was that I forgot about the Mid-autumn Festival. Deep in my heart, I was afraid that I would miss the chance of making greeting cards and thus fall behind. In short, I didn’t have the purest heart while making them.

One day when I looked at the picture of practitioners from Taiwan forming the characters “Thank you Master,” my eyes filled with tears. If I could keep my heart pure and improve my xinxing continuously, I could produce better e-cards. When my xinxing improves, my skill will improve, too.

I realized that I have the same problem when I do other things. I liked to get things done quickly. I talk fast and move fast. If I can’t meet the requirements, I often excuse myself with “not enough time.”

In the coming new year, I will produce new year e-cards with my most sincere heart and apply the Falun Dafa principles to all my thoughts and actions.