(Minghui.org) My brother and his wife both practice Falun Dafa. Below are some stories about their immediate and extended families.

My Sister-in-law Pregnant Again

My sister-in-law couldn't get pregnant after their first child, a girl, was born. She went to the hospital and the doctor told her that her oviduct was blocked and she needed an operation.

She decided against it. My sister-in-law and my brother have practiced Falun Dafa since 1999. They believe that Falun Dafa is good, and that doing good will be rewarded and doing evil will be punished.

One day she went to the market to sell vegetables. A woman bought some from her but forgot her black bag when she left. The woman returned after a while in a panic. My sister-in-law gave her the bag and told her that she had been looking after it for the woman.

The woman told my sister-in-law that her wages were in the bag—6,000 yuan.

The woman took some of the money out of the bag and try to give it to my sister-in-law as a thank you, but she refused to take it.

An onlooker told my sister-in-law that she was silly not to take the money. My sister-in-law smiled and said, “The money doesn't belong to me, so I can't take it.”

Soon after that, my sister-in-law was pregnant again and had a baby girl. A year later, she had a boy.

Fire Burns Face but Leaves No Scars

My brother and his wife run a successful restaurant. As his wife put food into a frying pan, the cooking oil splashed on the burner and started a fire. Flames singed her eyebrows and hair.

She immediately asked Master for help. “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good,” she said. To her surprise, the fire extinguished itself.

My brother-in-law saw that she had serious burns on her face and took her to the hospital. My sister-in-law was put on a drip for six days in the hospital and the burns started to scab.

When she got home and the scab came off, there was no sign of scarring and her skin looked very smooth. Even the doctor was surprised.

I Felt Like a Big Hand Pushed Me Up”

When my brother’s younger daughter was on her way back from a visit with her aunt, she slipped on the wet road and fell into a pool of waste water.

The pool was three meters deep and contained a lot of sludge on the bottom. She went under the water, but later floated up and swam to the side. A construction worker saw her and pulled her out.

I asked my niece later how she got up. “I had my Falun Dafa amulet with me. When I sank to the bottom, I felt like a big hand pushed me up and dragged me to the side of the pool.”

Relative with Late Stage Cancer Feels No Pain

A relative of my sister-in-law’s was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer in 2015. My wife and I visited and gave her a Falun Dafa amulet. We asked her to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good.”

She said the words every day. Other patients lost their hair after chemotherapy but she didn't lose her hair. This relative passed away six months later, but she didn't suffer in her last days.