(Minghui.org) Four Falun Gong practitioners in Dalian were recently sentenced to prison. They are Ms. Qu Guixian, Mr. Liu Shan, Mr. Wu Zhaozhou, and Ms. Liu Yumei.

Ms. Qu Guixian Sentenced to Four Years

Ms. Qu is an instuctor at the Dalian Financial Junior College. She was arrested in December 2015 by police from the Central Park Police Station in Shanhikou District and sentenced to four years in prison by the Shahekou District Court. She has been held in Liaoning Women's Prison since November 2016.

Her trial was held on April 26, 2016. Ms. Qu defended herself. When she asked the judge why her family members had not been notified about the trial, he said that they did not have her family's phone number.

Ms. Qu said that the number was given to the court staff handling the case. The judge then said that they did not notify her family because she refused to sign a police document.

Ms. Qu became emaciated while being held in the detention center and developed chronic diarrhea.

Mr. Liu Shan Sentenced to Three Years

Mr. Liu was an instructor at the Dalian Foreign Language Institute. He was sentenced to three years by the Shahekou District Court and imprisoned in April 2016.

He and his wife were helping another Falun Gong practitioner, Ms. Zhang Yunxiu, in July 2015. Ms. Zhang and Mr. Liu's wife were arrested on their way to buy groceries. The police took their keys, ransacked Ms. Zhang's home, and arrested Mr. Liu.

Mr. Wu Zhaozhou Sentenced to Three Years

Mr. Wu was sentenced to three years by the Zhongshan District Court and taken to prison in June 2016.

Mr. Wu was initially arrested on May 25, 2015 by officers from the Renminlu Police Station.

Ms. Liu Yumei Sentenced to Three and a Half Years

Ms. Liu was arrested while putting up informational posters publicizing criminal complaints being filed against former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin in Central Park on January 1, 2016. She was sentenced to three and a half years by the Shahekou District Court and taken to Liaoning Women's Prison in Shenyang on November 15, 2016.