(Minghui.org) I worked at the offices of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee. I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. Our exercise site was composed of mainly the office staff or retirees of the Central Committee and their families.

At its peak, 70 people regularly came to the practice site, with over 20 people at or above the rank of bureau head. Many experienced health benefits after practicing Falun Dafa and had a better temperament.

Our Diseases Were Gone

My health had deteriorated over time. I had tumors and problems with my heart, stomach, back, and legs, even though I was just in my 40's. My hemoglobin count was only 4.6 grams per DL, where a normal woman should have 12-16 grams. I would often become dizzy or weak. I tried many medications and treatments, but none worked.

Luckily, I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. My health improved dramatically. My vision was blurred due to low hemoglobin. One day after I walked to our exercise site, I suddenly saw everything clear and sharp. I had practiced Dafa for only a week. Since then, I have been able to see things clearly.

I no longer feel tired anymore. All my diseases were gone. I have not needed to go to the hospital or take medicine since then.

My son was diagnosed with epilepsy, which medical experts said was almost impossible to cure. He had to take medicine every day and it had strong side effects, which made him sleepy all the time. I was very worried about him.

I took my son to watch the videos of Master's Falun Dafa lectures. His pale face turned red, and then his epilepsy was gone. He has since married and now has his own son.

Other People Also Benefit

A retired lady in her seventies had over ten diseases—cancer, heart disease, cerebro-vascular disease, and autonomic dysfunction. She could not control her bowel movements.

After practicing Falun Dafa for six months, she regained her health. She looked much younger and walked easily. One day she surprised us by raising her arm, which she had not been able to move for years after her breast cancer treatment.

Another old lady had suffered from diabetes. Her immune system was so weak that it once took her more than three months to recover from a cold.

Once she practiced Dafa, all of her health measures, including blood sugar count, normalized.

What was more amazing was that her temper improved. She used to fight with everyone. Her husband divorced her because he could not put up with her. A neighbor moved away to avoid her. After practicing Dafa, she started to think of others. On several occasions at the local farmer’s market, she returned change that was more than she should have received. “Auntie, it's so rare to see a good person like you nowadays,” one vendor said to her.

She saw scenes in other dimensions. She had seen a celestial eye looking at her and nine beautiful stars in colors that she had never seen before. “All of what Master said is true,” she once exclaimed.

One person suffered from a lumbar disc herniation for 20 years. She had to use a wheelchair to get around. After doing the exercises for three days, she got out of bed and went downstairs to water plants. She was totally recovered and has been since then.

One old couple fully recovered from their heart diseases after practicing Dafa and gave all their medicine to others.

Another person regained his hearing after many years.

Several people at our exercise site could see scenes in other dimensions. They saw Falun rotating, red lights, purple air raising, and other wonderful scenes.

Helping People Understand Dafa When the Persecution Started

CCP head Jiang Zemin banned Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999. All staff at the Central Committee offices were required to go to the auditorium to listen to the CCP's policy communication on persecuting Falun Dafa.

The organizer also asked Li Qihua, the head of the Military No. 301 Hospital (the hospital designated to provide treatment to high-ranking officials), to share his experience on Falun Dafa. They intended for him to say bad things about Falun Dafa.

In Mr. Li's sharing, he told us that his wife had several diseases that he couldn't cure, though he had the best hospital and best doctors in China at his disposal. However, after practicing Falun Dafa for two months, her problems were all gone. This opened his eyes, and he started to follow Dafa.

“There are many fields that science has yet able to reach,” said Mr. Li, “So we cannot just label things that science cannot understand as superstition. Many miracles from qigong exercises have not been understood by science yet. I hope that those who have incurable diseases will try Falun Dafa. Maybe a miracle is waiting for you.”

The whole auditorium was quiet. I felt the benevolence and wisdom of Dafa. Master turned an event meant to be negative into a positive experience about Dafa.

Staying Steadfast

I took four days to think about Dafa—whether I should continue or not. I then made up my mind that I would keep cultivating in Falun Dafa, though the CCP did not permit us do so. When I opened the book Zhuan Falun, my mind became clear again. I was not bothered by the CCP's propaganda that slandered Dafa.

There was a lot of pressure on me as I worked at the CCP Central Committee, but I never felt any fear. I acted normally and tried my best to get work done. People respected me for my conviction.

People at our exercise site gradually returned to cultivation. We discussed how to resume our Fa-study group one day. On my way home, I saw bright, colorful clouds all over the sky. I was shocked by the beauty. I knew what we did was right.