(Minghui.org) My name is Fu Linguang. I am a Falun Gong practitioner in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province.

My younger sister, Fu Guangjun was arrested in Chongqing while distributing Falun Gong informational materials. She was sentenced to three years in prison on April 20, 2013, and incarcerated in the Chongqing Women's Prison. She was tortured and tormented for refusing to give up the practice.

In March 2014, I wrote a letter to the Chongqing Public Security Bureau to request my sister’s release and to explain the facts about Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa. Ten days later, my sister was transferred to a less restrictive prison district. In August 2015, she was released, eight months before her term was up.

A Sign that I Should Rescue My Sister

One night in mid-March of 2014, I was in bed, but couldn’t fall asleep. So, I switched on the light to continue reading the Minghui Weekly I had started reading earlier. I happened to turn to the page with an article about clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to save sentient beings. Suddenly, I saw sparks flying before my eyes. I felt it was encouragement from Master Li (the founder of Falun Gong), telling me to clarify the truth to the authorities and try to rescue my sister.

The next morning when I woke, sparks flew before my eyes again. I said to Master, “I will start writing letters to all relevant people right after breakfast.” With this, the sparks were gone.

I started writing letters to the Dadukou District Procuratorate, the Court, and the Chongqing Women's Prison respectively. In the seven-page letter, I wrote truthfully and with dignity that I am also a Falun Gong practitioner. Then, I proceeded to use the rationale and wisdom Master granted me to clarify the truth.

I showed the letter to some fellow practitioners. Out of concern for my safety, they advised me not to use my real name.

I thought, “My sister is being persecuted. As her elder sister and a fellow practitioner, how can I be scared to use my real name? What impression will I be giving these ordinary people if I hide my identity? Isn’t this tarnishing Dafa’s reputation?”

I firmed up that thought and said to Master, “Master, I have finished writing my letters. I will mail them out tomorrow. Please send me a sign that I am doing the right thing.”

The next day, while I was eating breakfast, sparks appeared before my eyes again. I knew Master was granting me approval. With Master’s approval and protection, I succeeded to mail the letters out without any incident.

After about 10 days, my sister called her husband to let him know she had been transferred to a less restrictive prison district.

On August 21, 2015, my sister was released, eight months ahead of schedule.

The following day, she and her husband flew in to pay me a visit. During the reunion, we both felt deeply the power of Dafa.

Below is the letter I wrote to the authorities involved in my sister's imprisonment:

My Personal Story

My family is from the Yudongxi Town, Ba County, Chongqing. Before the Communist takeover, my father worked as a clerk to raise his family of seven children. Life was difficult. Later, he invested his carefully saved money and bought some shares in a match factory with 80 yuan.

When the Communist Party gained control of the country, Party leaders appointed my father as the deputy director of the factory. At one point, the Party secretary of the factory said to my father, “There is a vacancy in the quota of capitalists in the factory. You should be the one to fill in.” My father refused.

The secretary said, “Even if you are a red capitalist, you can still join the Party and be a Party member.” My father still adamantly refused. In the end, my honest, trusting father succumbed to the secretary’s persistence and allowed himself to be persuaded.

Little did we know that that action and the 80-yuan shares would bring about near disaster to the family during one of the Party’s political campaigns when my father was unjustly implicated.

As a result, my father was criticized and condemned as a capitalist. He was detained in the township office where he was forced to write a self-criticism statement. His detention was extended for several months.

Our family lost its source of income and had no money for food. Yet, every day, we had to take food to my father.

My mother was so distressed, she wanted to jump into the Yangtze River and end it all. Fortunately, my aunt was able to talk her out of it.

At the time, my elder brother was away serving in the army in the Tibet Military Region and I was in Chongqing attending a vocational school. My mother and younger siblings relied on the little bit of home grown vegetables for food and had to go up to the mountain to gather sticks and branches for firewood.

During the Great Cultural Revolution, my father was already 60 years old, but the Party still treated him as a capitalist and put him through rehabilitation with hard labor in the factory. He finally collapsed from continual overwork. When he regained consciousness, his first words were: “Long live Chairman Mao!” One can imagine what he had been put through!

Under the Communist warped policy of re-education for all high school students, my fourth younger sister, Fu Guangjun, was sent to work in the countryside and mountain area after graduating from high school. Later, these so-called “educated urban youths” were returned to wherever they came from, and my sister started working as a teacher at a high school in the city.

At that time, my third sister was married and moved far away and I was living in Guizhou, so the burden of taking care of the family fell on my fourth sister’s shoulders.

The year my fourth sister gave birth to twins, not 10 days later, both my parents got sick at the same time, so she had to get out of bed to care for them as well as attend to her younger siblings and take over all household chores. The lack of sufficient recovery during her postpartum period became the root cause of her many latent sicknesses that popped up when she entered menopause.

She developed such problems as prolapsed uterine, heart disease, arthritis, colitis, and others. Her monthly medical expenses were in the thousands of yuan. She had even gone through three life-threatening incidents.

In 1997, someone recommended she try out Falun Gong. After a mere three days of practice, her body was purified the way the Master Li describes in the teachings. All her illnesses were gone

Since then, my fourth sister became completely disease-free, felt wonderful, performed her job more optimally, and saved herself and the country an unknown amount of medical expenses.

A Validation of Falun Dafa

Such a priceless cultivation practice should be the pride of the nation, something people could all delight in and benefit from.

At the 1993 Oriental Health Fair held in Beijing, Falun Gong stood out. Many people, including dignitaries and high officials, were cured of their diseases right on the spot. Master Li did not charge anyone, either in healing or teaching the exercises. In practicing Falun Gong, there is no coercion, nor is there any rule or regulation. One can come and go as one pleases.

From that point on, Falun Gong spread like wildfire throughout the country, just by word of mouth.

But, Jiang Zemin was jealous of Falun Gong’s popularity, to the extent that he used his power and position to mobilize the Communist Party to launch a political campaign against Falun Gong, concocting all kinds of rumors and lies to defame this wonderful practice so as to justify persecuting its practitioners who follow Falun Gong’s principles to be better people.

Through unrelenting bombardment by the government-controlled media who repeatedly and continuously broadcast or publish fabrication after fabrication about the so-called atrocities committed by Falun Gong practitioners, the nation was either duped or coerced into feeling hatred toward this group of good people.

As the ruling Party of a great nation, it would seem it should look at cherishing and protecting its people as its responsibility. How can the Communist Party use such harmful, deceitful tactics to deceive an entire nation and bring financial, psychological, and physical calamity to 100 million people (practitioners), committing them to prisons, brainwashing centers, psychiatric wards, and forced labor camps to undergo severe torture, leaving many good, innocent people maimed or even killed from such tortures?

That is truly beyond comprehension.

When they are under serious threats, practitioners continue to clarify the truth to people about Falun Gong and let people know how “Falun Dafa is good!” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” and that Falun Dafa is the righteous Buddha Law that is being persecuted by the Communist Party.

Falun Gong practitioners promote the practice so that people can enjoy health and become better people. They do that selflessly, peacefully, and rationally, without disrupting any public order or undermining any social stability, as the Party, under orders of Jiang Zemin, portrays.

What Falun Gong practitioners do is completely legal and in compliance with the freedom of speech stipulated by and protected under the Constitution.

In the world, people in over 100 countries and regions have embraced Falun Gong cultivation practice and no government has declared it illegal.

Falun Gong’s founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi, is the recipient of thousands of awards, citations, and letters of commendation from many international governments and communities for the practice's positive contribution to society in terms of health and morality.

Falun Gong's core principles are Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The practice is widely known for its remarkable healing effects and high moral standard.

Tuidang, commonly known as the “Three Withdrawals” is a legitimate movement started in the United States whereby Communist Party members and all who had joined the Party’s other two affiliated organizations can, publicly, privately, or anonymously, renounce the Party and all its affiliates. The Tuidang movement is also legitimate under Chinese law.

Within the Party and its affiliates, their rules and regulations also allow members to enjoy the freedom of withdrawal, if they so wish.

Falun Gong has not violated any law. The Communist Party has no existing law that stipulates that Falun Gong has done anything illegal or criminal.

As a matter of fact, Article 35 of China’s Constitution clearly states that citizens have the freedom of speech, publishing, assembly, parade, and demonstration.

It is the Communist Party and its gangster-style government under Jiang Zemin, which not only violate the country’s domestic laws, but also international human rights laws by committing all manner of brutal crimes. Aren't they the ones who are “disrupting social order?”

The Communist regime deprives people their basic right to belief and independent thought. It persecutes people for their faith. It wants to forcibly alter people's minds. It uses forced labor camps, prisons, psychiatric wards, and brainwashing classes to break Falun Gong practitioners’ will. It has gone so far as to harvest living Falun Gong practitioners’ organ for profit.

As a result, the Party has led the nation to a downward spiral of corruption and immorality from the top down, completely destroying a great culture to the point of no return. People live their lives in greed and selfishness. Each is looking at the other with suspicion and enmity.

My Sincere Wish

Master Li Hongzhi teaches practitioners to be altruistic so as to one day become enlightened. Let me illustrate with an example of how Falun Gong practitioners behave, even in extreme circumstances.

A female practitioner was undergoing severe persecution in a forced labor camp. The police assigned to beat her was getting tired and sweaty. The practitioner took out her handkerchief and offered it to the officer, who took it gratefully and sheepishly. He stopped beating her after he wiped his brow, and left the room.

Other police present witnessed the genuine compassion of the practitioner. They could see that practitioners are good people. They didn’t persecute Falun Gong anymore. They chose the right path for themselves and a bright future for their families.

This is my wish for all who have been duped by Jiang Zemin and his cohorts.

To continue to follow orders blindly to persecute Falun Gong will only bring harm to yourselves and your loved ones, because we all have to be responsible for our thoughts and actions, and there are corresponding consequences to such thoughts and actions.

After all these years, it is high time we all wake up to the truth about Falun Gong and about the evil Party who persecutes it.

You will only be hurting yourselves if you choose to follow the Party. You will end up being its sacrificial lambs to be destroyed and annihilated when it finally meets its demise.

Back to My Story

In 2013, my fourth sister Fu Guangjun was arrested in Chongqing and sentenced to three years in prison because she was distributing Falun Gong informational materials.

She is 70 years old with a husband about the same age. Because of Falun Gong practice, she is enjoying good health while her husband is riddled with all kinds of sicknesses and needs to spend 3,000 yuan every month on medical expenses.

They raised twin sons who graduated from Chongqing High School. One went to Beijing Renmin University and the other to the Central Institute of Finance and Economics. Both are gainfully employed; one as head of a bank in Shenzhen, the other as head of an insurance company in Chongqing.

When they got news of their mother’s arrest and sentence, they did not go visit their mother, but stayed at their jobs because they didn’t want to adversely affect you. They trust that the government will do the right thing, that you in the Public Security Bureau and the police will abide by the law, and that all will perform maximally at various positions.

I am a 77-year-old old woman. I feel very pained by what happened to my sister.

Falun Gong practitioners spread the information to help people to learn the facts. Those people include all of you. You should be grateful to them.

Please send my sister home to her husband who is grief-stricken and suffering physically. If anything bad happens to him because of my sister's incarceration, you will be the ones responsible.

Please stand on the side of righteousness and goodness. Stay far away from the Communist regime, renounce the evil Party, and withdraw from all its affiliated organizations, so that you will be safe.

If you have not participated in the persecution, please avoid getting involved. If you have been coerced into being accomplices, for your own good, I urge you to repent and no longer be involved in this crime against humanity.

Leave the darkness. Follow the brightness. Stop the persecution.

This is a sincere wish for you from me, Fu Linguang, a Falun Gong practitioner.