(Minghui.org) A Falun Dafa practitioner recounts extraordinary incidents that she has experienced during her cultivation. She witnessed how her righteous thoughts and strong belief in the Fa kept danger at bay.

Evil Has Nowhere to Hide

One day I suddenly felt extremely ill and immediately knew that it was evil from other dimensions attacking me.

While sending righteous thoughts, I saw an enormous monster. It was an amorphous mass and appeared to be like something that one sees through a dense smog. After I sent righteous thoughts for half an hour, the monster disappeared.

A practitioner had revealed my name under torture, and the police tried to find me. After this practitioner became clearheaded, she asked someone to warn me. She sent righteous thoughts from the detention center to help me.

One night I felt terrible and could barely breathe. When I shut my eyes, I saw in my dimension numerous large snakes with open mouths and their tongues flicking in and out.

I was scared, struggled to sit up and sent righteous thoughts. Soon after, I felt wide awake and was no longer scared. I had asked Master for help and repeatedly chanted the word “Mie.”

The snakes began to intertwine so tightly until there was no gap between them. Within half an hour, first the smaller and then the larger snakes twitched, stopped moving, and gradually disappeared. Then, I no longer felt any physical discomfort. Instead I felt powerful energy moving through my body and hands when I sent righteous thoughts.

A month later that practitioner was released. She told me that I was safe because the police said that they could not find me, even after they turned the city upside down. I knew that it was Master protecting me and strengthening my righteous thoughts.

I believe that during sickness karma, practitioners must send righteous thoughts without delay. This allows us to disintegrate the evil elements. If everyone could do that, the evil would have nowhere to hide and would be completely eliminated.

Belief in Dafa Extinguishes Fire

A day before Tomb Sweeping Day my two sisters, our god brother, and I went back to our home town to commemorate our deceased parents and burn paper money.

There were a couple of orchards and a plastic material storage near the tomb. South of the tomb were dried tree branches stacked near a patch of heavy weeds. My god brother hung up and lit a string of firecrackers from a tree near the dried branches. I suddenly saw that the weeds had caught on fire. The fire quickly spread, and we had no access to water or a fire extinguisher.

I told myself not to panic and that I must think an act like a practitioner. My sister and I began shouting “Falun Dafa is good. Please help us Master.” We tried to pull the branches away from the fire as we continued shouting.

Then, the fire gathered toward its center, as if an invisible dome was covering it. The fire continued to burn within the circle, got weaker, and went out. On the ground there was a perfect circle and within the circle were ashes from the fire.

Udumbara Flowers

Over 30 Udumbara flowers have appeared in my house since 2010. According to the Buddhist scriptures this sacred flower blooms once every 3,000 years. They were sitting on a vegetable leaf. It’s been seven years and the leaf has already dried out, but the Udumbara flowers are still beautiful and blooming.

The blooming Udumbara flowers are a sign of Master's care. They remind me to let go of attachments, be diligent and maintain strong righteous thoughts.