(Minghui.org) Though I have been cultivating for almost 10 years, I didn't have any idea what my fundamental attachment was. I have been in low spirits recently, and had to force myself to read a lecture from Zhuan Falun every day. Some days, I couldn't even force myself to finish reading a full lecture, much less to do the exercises.

I was sad about my cultivation state. I found myself not exactly a cultivator or an ordinary person. I even thought that I should quit cultivation. I was in a serious dilemma.

I calmed myself down and questioned how I had gotten myself into such a despondent state. Going over my attachments one by one, I found so many that I felt like I had never truly cultivated. The things that I had done were done to show other practitioners how great I was.

I had argued that I was right and others were wrong using my human notions. I felt superior to others, and misled other practitioners with my human notions. In fact, I had looked outward for others' faults, held grievances, held on to my mentality of struggling against others, and had attachments to showing off, lust, fear and the pursuit of worldly wisdom.

Yes, I had so many degenerate thoughts. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all of them, and made up my mind to start from scratch to become a true disciple of Master.

Every one of us is Master's disciple and a cultivator among ordinary people. We can't see others' thoughts through our human eyes. Master is the only one who can tell who is a true cultivator and who is just drifting along. Nobody else is in a position to comment on others' cultivation states.

Practitioners who receive the most compliments are bound to have some issues. I'm a typical example. I had attachments to fame, showing off and zealotry. As long as we have such attachments, the old forces will take advantage of them to destroy us.

We are Falun Dafa practitioners, so no matter whether we give compliments or receive them, we have to think hard about our words and actions. We should not continuously indulge ourselves or cause damage to our fellow practitioners.

We are cultivating in this human world and can't rely on our human notions to tell good from bad. I would like to remind myself and fellow practitioners to quit nurturing our attachments to fame. It's not good for fellow practitioners to give each other compliments so much.

All of us are Master's disciples. Master has the ability to tell whether we meet the requirements or not. We are to help each other by kindly pointing out each other's shortcomings. This is being truly responsible to our fellow practitioners, and it's the right way to improve together.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners! Please feel free to point out anything inappropriate.