(Minghui.org) After Mr. Tian Kaiyu from Laiyuan City, Hebei Province, was arrested on October 5, 2016, his father and daughter went to the Yi County Domestic Security Division to try to get him released. The police refused to release Mr. Tian and, in a scuffle, injured his 80-year-old father.

Mr. Tian Kaiyu Detained for 14 Days

Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Tian Kaiyu, Ms. Ren Junying, and Ms. Zhao Qiuyun went to the nearby Zijingguan area in Yi County on October 5, 2016, to distribute flyers about Falun Gong.

The three were arrested by Zijingguan Police Station officers at 11:00 p.m. and taken to Yi County Domestic Security Division the next day. Mr. Tian was detained in Yi County Detention Center, and Ms. Ren and Ms. Zhao were transferred to Baoding City Detention Center.

The detention center initially refused to admit Mr. Tian because he had such high blood pressure, but the deputy director of the police station overrode accepted procedures and had Mr. Tian admitted anyway.

Mr. Tian was handcuffed and shackled like a felon. He went on a hunger strike to protest his detention.

He was sent to a hospital for force-feeding on October 17 and then taken back to the detention center. The guards ordered several inmates to force-feed Mr. Tian. To avoid being recorded by the monitoring camera in their cell, they tried to force-feed him in the restroom. Mr. Tian successfully resisted their efforts.

The detention center decided to release Mr. Tian because his blood pressure was so alarmingly high. They told his family to pay “bail” for his release. Even though they refused to pay, the police still released Mr. Tian on October 19.

Police Use Violence Dealing with Mr. Tian's Father and Daughter

When Mr. Tian's family learned of his arrest, his wife, daughter, and father rented a hotel room in Yi County so they could work on getting him released. They had been in contact with the Yi County Domestic Security Team and Zijingguan Police Station and spent a lot of time going back and forth between the two offices.

Mr. Tian's father and daughter visited the police station on October 15. One officer refused to let Mr. Tian's father enter, so the old man went to see the policeman on duty, but they locked the door to that office. The old man then tried to talk to the police through an open window.

Officer Gao Yang came over, threatened the elder Mr. Tian, and slammed the window shut on the old man's head, which started to bleed profusely.

Mr. Tian's daughter was angry about the assault on her grandfather. When she confronted the officer, he tried to grab her cellphone and pushed her away from the window.

The deputy director of the police station came out and continued to threaten the family. Officers surrounded the old man and the girl and recorded them on video.

Officer Gao Yang later stated that Mr. Tian's father had intentionally hurt himself.

When Mr. Tian's family returned to the police station on October 16, the police again refused to let them in.