(Minghui.org) My extended family and I live in a rural area. Many of us used to be sickly and miserable. By practicing Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa), we have become happy and healthy.

My Ailing Mother Becomes Strong and Vigorous

When my siblings and I were young, my mother had to work for the local farm production group to earn points that determined how much grain our family would be given. My mother worked in the fields but also had to care for us.

Because of the strain, her health deteriorated. She was often confined to her bed and needed pills and injections. She was also hospitalized at times. My father said, “I have almost become a doctor. Other people go to a clinic to buy one medication, but we buy wholesale.”

My younger brother gave my mother the book Zhuan Falun in 1996 and told her that it was a type of qigong cultivation. My mother started to learn Falun Gong, and her health improved each day. Her health problems disappeared. We all felt that it was miraculous. She no longer took any medicine and was full of energy. She could help my younger brother work in the fields, even though she was in her 60s.

The local villagers were surprised. One said, “How come that old lady just gets stronger and stronger?” My mother told them that she practiced Falun Gong. After seeing how she improved, more than 10 people in our family also started practicing Falun Gong.

Emerging from the Mire and Seeing the Light

When I was little, I was weak and constantly ill. I often had to take medication and get injections. After I grew up, I had chronic gastritis, kidney stones, headaches, and other ailments. My food had to be warm, and I couldn't eat fruit. I took many different drugs just for my gastritis, but none of them worked. I was disappointed and thought that I would never be well. Due to the pain caused by my ailments, my temper worsened. Everything upset me, and I often got angry at my husband and children.

When I visited my mother in 1997, she said, “Practice Falun Gong—it is really good. It can maintain good health and also teaches people how to be good by living according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Master came to save lives.” I decided to take up the practice.

My view of the world changed. I tried to do everything according to Master's teachings and be a good person. I looked inward if I was unhappy, thought about what I might have done wrong to cause the situation, and tried to improve myself.

My health problems gradually disappeared. I could eat watermelon and other fruit for the first time in years. That was a miracle to me. I truly felt what it was like to be free of illness. No words could express my gratitude for Master's benevolence. Master saved my life and gave me a bright future.

In the past I was narrow-minded, easily upset, and often got angry over trivial things. After studying the Falun Gong books, I understood many spiritual principles and became open minded and calm. Trivial things no longer upset me.

A Large Happy Family

My extended family lives together in one home: my parents-in-law, my sister-in-law, my aunt, and six children. There are over a dozen of us. Before I became a cultivator, I held a lot of grievances and complained that my parents-in-laws were unfair. After beginning cultivation, I regarded myself as a practitioner and guided my behavior with Falun Dafa's principles. I got along with others better and better. I no longer get into conflicts over money or housekeeping. I now do the housework before others do.

Two years ago, my sister-in-law's son got engaged. My husband’s parents decided to divide our family into two houses. There was a new house and the old house. My mother-in-law wanted to give us the new house. My husband discussed it with me, and said, “I am older than my brother, but let my brother choose.”

“No problem,” I said. He was very happy. I told him, “I wouldn't be like this if I didn't cultivate Falun Gong.” To divide land and divide up a household is a big deal for a family in the countryside. Fights over such things have destroyed families. Our neighbors in the village have high praise for our family. One said, “Look at this big, happy family. There are not many families like this nowadays.”

My husband and I run a business. We don't have time to farm our land, so we let my sister-in-law do it. We didn't ask for anything in return, but my sister-in-law gives us cornflour and vegetable oil to thank us. My sister-in-law is now also practicing Falun Dafa.

My aunt told me, “I always think Falun Dafa practitioners are good people.”

Our family is continuing to grow, because our children have all grown up and are having their own families. These blessings are all from Falun Dafa's grace and Master's benevolence. If I didn't practice Dafa, I would still be struggling in the mire, and no one in our family would have the good things that they have now.

These things I have shared are just a small portion of what I have experienced during my cultivation. Cultivating Falun Dafa was the best choice I ever made!