(Minghui.org) If one is unable to keep one's palm upright when sending forth righteous thoughts, it is a very serious issue. It means one is not doing all of the three things that Teacher requires.

While such a person often considers himself a practitioner and believes in Teacher and Dafa, he or she is not on par with the standards of the Fa. Teacher said in “Solid Cultivation”:

Study the Fa and gain the Fa,Focus on how you study and cultivate,Let each and every thing     be measured against the Fa.Only then, with that,     is it actually cultivation. (“Solid Cultivation” from Hong Yin)

I have learned some serious lessons in this regard and would like to share them with other practitioners to help overcome any fundamental cause of one's failing to keep one's palm upright when sending forth righteous thoughts.

After I was released from a detention center, my cultivation state was completely off. As soon as I began to send forth righteous thoughts, I became very sleepy and wasn't able to keep my palm upright. More seriously, as soon as I put my palm up, a strong, invisible force would push my palm down.

I was passing a life-or-death tribulation in one instance, and I couldn't sit up. Every time I attempted to sit and was ready to send forth righteous thoughts, before I moved my palm upright, my whole body was immediately pinned down to the bed, and my mind went blank.

About a half hour later, when I was still trying to send forth righteous thoughts, I still couldn't hold up my palm.

I clearly knew that I hadn’t cultivated myself well. In my day-to-day cultivation, I couldn't keep my palm erect. I realized that dark minions, rotten demons and meddling gods filled my dimensional field. How could I do the three things well? I realized that the old forces were trying to persecute me.

I shouted at them, “Old forces, you are too rampant. I will never acknowledge you!” I then began to take Fa study seriously.

I ended up studying the Fa overnight. I studied the Fa for one hour, then sent forth righteous thoughts for 15 minutes. I did that for 12 straight hours. Afterward, I stopped feeling sleepy, my mind became clear, and I could hold my palm upright while sending forth righteous thoughts.

This was five years ago, and my cultivation state has been optimal ever since. I think I have since managed to do the three things fairly well, which all came down to the fact that Teacher cleaned the evil beings and rotten substances from my dimensional field.

I was in a situation where I almost did not survive, so what could I possibly do? It was Teacher who saved me. However, I still needed to have my own righteous thoughts come forth.

My understanding is this: We are in this special historical period of Fa-rectification, and we are fortunate to have been saved by our benevolent Teacher. This precious opportunity is hard to come by in thousands of years. When we are able to do things according to the Fa's requirements, Teacher is able to step in and stop the old forces from meddling with us.

During many years of cultivation, I have met many practitioners. Many cannot keep their palm upright when sending forth righteous thoughts, and some have experienced this for a long time. They are not doing well in the three things. They were depressed, slacked off, and really not diligent. Some of them have interfered with Fa-rectification.

Being unable for a long time to keep one's palm upright while sending righteous thoughts is in fact not being diligent for a long time. Such a practitioner is likely being manipulated by the old forces, who do so because of one's human notions and attachments. After a while, the practitioner may become used to it.

If one is unable to do the three things well, how can one possibly save sentient beings?

In order for one to fundamentally change this state, one must change one's heart. It is not difficult to solve this problem. It is in fact an issue of one's xinxing.

The above is my personal understanding; please point out anything inappropriate.