(Minghui.org) I have been witness to the wonder and power of Falun Dafa throughout the 17 years of my cultivation path. Master has been protecting and guiding me all the way through!

The persecution of Falun Dafa has been severe but justice will prevail. Jiang Zemin, the former Chinese Communist Party head, who launched the campaign of persecution campaign against Falun Dafa, will eventually be brought to justice for his crimes.

With this understanding, I filed a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin with the Chinese Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Supreme People's Court in June 2015.

In the criminal complaint document, I presented several pieces of evidence of the persecution I faced, such as the receipts of the money my family was forced to pay the detention center, the verdict of the court finding me “guilty” and sentencing me to forced labor, the regulations that imprisoned practitioners are forced to follow, and the statement from my employer showing how my wages were wrongfully withheld.

I printed several copies of my complaint and took one to the local government petition office. I presented it to an officer there and clarified the truth to him.

I told one of the petitioners waiting in line the facts about Falun Dafa and the persecution. He agreed to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. I told him to remember “Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

I also visited the petition office at the Municipal People's Congress and left a copy for the officer on duty and asked him to pass it around among his colleagues after he read it.

I also visited my local community center and talked to the assistant manager. I told her about the persecution and reviewed my lawsuit file with her.

Two officers from the local police station and the security department came to see me. Before they had a chance to question me about anything, I showed them the lawsuit file and the evidence of the persecution against me. The older officer accepted the copy I offered him and left without causing any trouble.

The next morning, I visited the manager of the community center. I had previously talked with him about the persecution, and he withdrew from the CCP.

I asked him to kindly pass a message to the assistant manager. It was she who had called the police officers the day before. My message read: “It is not good to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Please don’t forget that what goes around, comes around!”

The above is just my personal experience. Please point out anything inappropriate.