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I began to practice Falun Dafa in 2002. My fingers are deformed and writing is a difficult task. Therefore, a fellow practitioner offered to write down what I had to say.

At the age of 54, I decided to become a taxi driver. I learned to drive within two weeks despite my handicap and the verbal abuse I received from my husband. I bought a car and had it remodeled to fit my needs.

Telling My Customers about Falun Dafa and the Persecution

On my first day as a taxi driver, I picked up two teenage girls not far from their home. The car stopped running half way to their destination. The girls said that they could switch to another taxi and were going to pay me. I refused to be paid because I could not take them to their destination. But, I could tell them about Falun Dafa and the persecution. They quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates. My learning how to drive had paid off already, as I could tell my customers about Dafa.

A man got in the car the next day and I told him why the persecution of Dafa was wrong, and he agreed with me. He found another customer for me when we reached his destination, who also heard the facts about Dafa. I became more confident.

I talked to another customer about Dafa and he quit the CCP. He also paid me four times more than the price we agreed on. I refused to take it, but he insisted, so I told him that I would use the money to produce Dafa informational materials. He thanked me.

A woman bargained with me before she got in the car, and I agreed to a lower price. After I explained to her why she needed to quit the CCP, she agreed to the price I had originally told her. She ended up insisting on paying even more than what I initially asked for.

I came across many people who, after learning the facts about Dafa, paid me a lot more than we had negotiated. I donated the extra money to a Dafa material production site.

Three men got into my car and two of them agreed to quit the CCP. After they left, I saw a wallet filled with money on the back seat. I wondered what to do, as they were nowhere in sight. I begged Master to have them come back and I waited for them. I soon saw them running towards my car. They could barely believe that I had waited for them so that I could return the money. They offered me some of it, which I did not accept, but one of them quit the Party on the spot.

Not Everyone Wants to Hear the Facts

Not everyone I spoke to wanted to hear about Dafa, especially one elderly man who said a lot of slanderous words against the practice. I was deeply saddened.

For a long time after that, I felt awkward when I clarified the truth. I tried to look within for what made me hesitant to talk about Dafa. I realized that I did not want to upset anyone, which was a wrong thought. I tried to eliminate the notion.

One person told me that if the regime did not want people to practice Dafa, then they should not. I could not change his mind. Before he left, I told him to rethink what I said and the reasons why millions still chose to practice despite the persecution. I advised him to quit the Party the next time he came across another practitioner who offered him the opportunity.

With my mind at peace, I tried my best to help people regardless of the outcome. One woman kept saying bad things about Falun Dafa. I remained calm and kept talking about Dafa. I advised her, “Read the Falun Dafa books and see if they are what the propaganda says. Do yourself this favor.”

Troubles Lessen After Looking Within

I came across two people who denigrated me one day and wondered what went wrong. I looked within and realized that I had rushed things. I resolved to get rid of this notion. From then on I seldom ran into a similar situation.

I look within when I face problems and when I see people fighting. As I clarify the truth, I examine myself to see whether I am calm and clearheaded, or whether I am getting emotional. My troubles seem to lessen as I pay more attention to looking within.

Importance of Studying the Fa

I encountered a lot of danger, but Master always protects me. I was caught in a rain storm with strong winds. I was on a narrow street with a lot of people running to get out of the rain. I was terrified, as given my disability, I would have been helpless if I got into an accident. Master's words then came to mind,

Ten thousand miles I gallop, breaking demons’ battle arrayCutting down all dark minions, eliminating wicked deitiesI heed not their thick fog or the gale winds they whip aboutMountain rains en route wash off dust from the expedition.”(“Expedition” from Hong Yin Vol. II)

Master was next to me, and I kept reciting this poem. From then on, I thought of this poem during times of trouble. I also had a better understanding of the importance of studying the Fa.

A muddy road that was under construction had lot of dirt piled up on both sides of the street. Ahead of me was a high steep hill. If my car did not make it all the way up in one shot, it would tumble down. I was not good at going uphill, but it was already dark and I could not turn around. The poem “Expedition” came to mind. I drove quickly, reciting Master's words. Before I knew it, I had passed over the hill. I looked back and the hill looked so steep. I knew that Master had helped me again.

Luckiest Person on Earth

A practitioner's mother once told me that she felt sorry for me. I told her that I was one of the luckiest people on earth because I was a practitioner.

“As long as I know how to live my life,” I said, “I do not feel sad.”

Then I told her how my physical condition improved after I became a practitioner. She exclaimed, “How lucky you are!”

One of my customers was wealthy, but she seemed very anxious. She told me that her son was a drug addict. I told her my story and assured her that Dafa's miraculous power could change anything and anyone. I suggested that she read the Dafa books.

I had not attended school and left my home at the age of 28. People did not want me to drive and talk about Dafa. Now, I tell my story and say, “I have found my way and Master has given me a stairway to heaven.”

Not a single day passes without my doing the three things well and looking within. I also try to eliminate my attachments. I know that Master is helping me.

It has been 14 years, and I never skipped exercising or studying the Fa for a day. Each day I read one chapter of Zhuan Falun. I look at troubles from a different angle and tell myself that I will pass any test.

Master's words are always in my mind,

“Cultivate with the heart you once had, and success is certain.” (“Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day”).

(The end)