(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa for the past 17 years. In school, I was an outstanding student, the head of my class, and well-liked by teachers and other students. Similarly, my diligent work ethic and achievements have won the respect of my managers at work.

Falun Dafa has guided me to be an upright person. When the persecution of Dafa began in July 1999, I still had faith in our government. I had assumed that they were interested in the truth and that our words and actions would convince them that Dafa is beneficial for people and the country.

Thus, I traveled to Beijing in 2000 to petition the authorities to reconsider their campaign against Dafa. The authorities arrested me and detained me at the Shijiazhuang Detention Center. Other practitioners were also held at the facility, and we decided to go on a hunger strike to protest our illegal detention.

On the third day of our hunger strike, I was escorted into an interrogation room, where officers beat and tortured me. I was shocked and deeply disappointed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I was denied a chance to appeal, and I was imprisoned and tortured for my belief.

After the torture, I was dragged back to my cell. My face was so swollen that my eyes were barely slits. My buttocks were beaten so badly that I could not sit or lie down. My condition deteriorated that night, and I battled a high fever, severe headaches, and deafness in my right ear.

The authorities sent me back to a detention center in my hometown. I continued to suffer from high fever, a cough, blisters in my mouth, and an infection in my eyes, nose, and right ear, which caused pus to ooze constantly. Unable to keep down any food, I lost a lot of weight as the days went by.

My new cellmate was shocked to see my condition and pleaded with me to take some medication. I refused and told her, “I am a Dafa practitioner. Dafa will heal me once I can study the Fa and perform the exercises.”

This inmate skeptically replied, “That's impossible. You're already deaf in one ear and will remain crippled if you don’t receive treatment.”

I reiterated, “Dafa is extraordinary, and I’ll prove it to you once I get home.”

I was released to the care of my family 15 days later. Thinking I would die, my mother could not stop crying. My uncle and brother-in-law wanted to send me to a hospital, but I refused.

My brother-in-law angrily exclaimed, “You're barely hanging on to life. Do you want to die at home?”

“The CCP is responsible for my condition,” I replied. “Falun Dafa will heal me as long as I do the exercises and study the Fa.”

“You can’t even stand up to perform the exercises,” said my brother-in-law.

I replied, “I’ll stand up now” and immediately got up on my feet. Exasperated, my family gave up their attempts to send me to a hospital.

Alone in my room, I meditated in the half-lotus position for a while until my fever faded. I then stood up to practice the exercises. By the second exercise, I was sweating heavily and had to lean on the wall for support. After a short break, I proceeded to perform the third exercise. By the time I reached the fourth, I was so exhausted that I could not bend my knees without falling.

Despite my physical difficulties, I persevered in performing the exercises and noticed a great improvement on the third day. By the end of the week, my body was almost completely healed, and I was able to hear from my right ear again.

My family was amazed by my rapid recovery and by the power of Dafa.

This miracle set the foundation for my mother to eventually start practicing Falun Dafa and for my father to accept the facts about the Communist Party's persecution of Dafa.