(Minghui.org) I was sent to a forced labor camp for two years in 2001 after I went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. I was severely tortured in the camp and was released in 2003.

I Calmly and Rationally Dealt with My Husband's Affair

A neighbor called me as soon as I got home. She told me that my husband was having an affair. I could not believe it, so she asked me to check his pockets.

I recalled Master's words:

“Soon after he takes care of that matter and comes back home, just as he is sitting down, a phone call will come, telling him: “Your spouse is having an affair with someone.” Of course, you will not run into such a scenario. An ordinary person cannot stand suffering such hardships and will think: “What am I living for? Why don’t I find a rope to hang myself and put an end to everything?”” (Zhuan Falun)

I decided to let it go.

A woman called two days later at 3:00 a.m. and rudely demanded that my husband take her to the train station. My husband told me that she had taken care of him when he was sick.

She called again several days later and asked for my husband. She cursed at me over the phone. I was calm because I remembered Master's words “...one should not fight back when being punched or insulted...” (Zhuan Falun)

“I don't know you,” I said. “You can point out to me what I haven't done well, but, please, never, ever curse Falun Dafa.”

Several days later, a man called my husband several nights in a row and threatened him. He was the woman's husband. My husband was afraid and asked me what he should do.

“You have to face a mistake when you make one,” I said. “If you correct it, you are still good. I will accompany you to court if he files a lawsuit.” My husband had brought the woman to our area to find her a job. After we spoke, he asked her to leave.

I was kind to the woman when she came to my home. She found a copy of Zhuan Falun on my bookshelf and asked if she could borrow it. I agreed and asked her to read the book from beginning to end.

Her sister discovered that she was reading Zhuan Falun and told my husband. My husband was angry with me. He took me to the woman's rental home and asked for the book back, but she said that she would not give it back until she finished reading it. I was very happy for her.

Although this woman and my husband still kept in contact, I was calm and at peace. Finally, she decided to leave my husband. She sent me two letters. In one she wrote: “I have never met a woman like you. You were so kind and calm when you found out about your husband's affair. Only a Falun Dafa practitioner could behave like that. I am very sorry for the harm I caused you and your family and sorry for my misunderstanding about Falun Dafa.” She said she was sorry again and again. She wanted to be friends with me because she knew that I was kind and reliable.

I would not have behaved like that if I had not practiced Falun Dafa. I used to be selfish, narrow-minded, and jealous. I would have taken revenge in an extreme way or would have committed suicide. Falun Dafa rectified my character and enabled me to act calmly and rationally. Though I had been treated unfairly, I was happy that she learned about the goodness of Falun Dafa. She became hopeful because she changed her attitude towards Dafa.

Helping My Severely Ill Former Brother-In-Law

My husband divorced me in 2011 because he had an affair with yet another woman and decided to marry her.

I lost my job and home.

I bought a train ticket to return to my hometown at the end of 2011. Then I learned that my husband's brother had a fatal illness. I bought some fruit and went to see him. When I was in the forced labor camp, he had burned the Dafa books that my husband had left with him. His family ceased all contact with me.

When I saw him, he was a shaking, swollen all over, and breathing heavily. He was surprised, yet very touched to see me.

“I am very sick.” He said, “I have not been able to go to the toilet for many days. I am suffering from kidney failure caused by diabetes. None of my relatives have come to see me. And my brother had an affair and divorced you. Yet, you still come to see me.”

I helped him lie down and told him that I did not hate his brother because I practice Falun Dafa and that he had a predestined relationship with me. I asked him to remember, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. He agreed.

His son came to take him to the hospital for dialysis. He was able to go to the bathroom before we left. I was amazed by the immediate improvement.

He kept saying, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” out loud on our way to the hospital in the car. I was very touched. When we were waiting in the hospital, he suddenly asked me if these two verses could save his life. “Yes,” I assured him.

I returned the train ticket. I cooked lunch every day for him and delivered it to him in the hospital. I read Dafa materials to him during lunch time. I helped take care of him for 10 days. He finally agreed to write a statement renouncing the bad things he had done to Falun Dafa.

I later heard from his son that he no longer needed dialysis and was instead using Chinese medications.

I am glad for them. Everything I did for them was worth it.

Thank you, Master!