(Minghui.org) It is important to tell people face to face about Falun Dafa, in addition to studying the Fa and strengthening our righteous thoughts.

In the city many people now know that Falun Dafa is a good practice. However, in the rural areas the farmers do not know the facts about Dafa, because there are no Falun Dafa practitioners. They receive occasional information about Dafa, but there is no one of whom they could ask questions. Therefore, some hold a number of misconceptions about this cultivation practice, and believe that it is a cult.

In order to remedy this situation I decided to go to some rural areas. I took a bus, and then walked for miles. I had the chance to talk to six people – only one agreed with me. At home I thought it over and realized it was because my righteous thoughts were not strong enough.

A few days later I went with another practitioner to rural areas. We worked together and talked to 13 people – 5 quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), so I felt more confident.

We again went to a rural area. A farmer was harvesting his corn. My fellow practitioner sent righteous thoughts while I gave the farmer a hand with his corn. I talked to him about the CCP and the persecution – he agreed to quit. My fellow practitioner talked to another farmer and he too quit.

I saw an elderly man harvesting sweet potatoes. I asked him whether he knew about Falun Dafa. He said he knew of a few practitioners, but he did not think much of them. I explained that he misunderstood Dafa. Practitioners are all good people. I explained to him about the practice and I cleared up many of his misconceptions. After hearing the truth he quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

On my way back, I saw a thin, weak elderly lady walking with a sickle. We started talking and she said she was 77 years old. She explained that she had to keep working because all of her children were ill. I helped her harvest the corn as we talked.

She believed in a certain religion and had misunderstandings about Falun Dafa. I cleared those up for her and she gladly quit the Young Pioneers.

I had walked over 10 miles that day and was very happy. We persuaded seven people to quit the CCP.

Talking to people face to face helps clear up so many misconceptions. We need to seize this opportunity to clarify the truth to everyone, and leave no regrets.