(Minghui.org) After reading “Suggestions for Truth-Clarification Banners Displayed Overseas,” I thought of sharing my experiences of delivering newspapers to hotels near where I work.

My office is close to an exhibition hall that many Chinese tourists visit, so I have been putting truth clarification materials in hotel lobbies.

When I talked to the concierges at one of the hotels about how the news and internet are censored in China, they thought it was despicable. Then I introduced our newspapers as a reliable source of uncensored news and told them that I could provide the papers for their Chinese customers.

Sometimes the concierges were busy and I did not bother them. I waited and explained the facts to them when they were free. After they got to know us, some were willing to let us leave materials there. I witnessed many Chinese tourists smile when they found our papers. I believe the professional appearance of our materials conveys that it is a legitimate news source, and the tourists are glad to receive news that is not controlled by the Chinese government.

Some hotels have rules that prohibit outside materials in their lobby. I did not force the issue, but at least I made their acquaintance and inquired.

I now have two hotels near my workplace that I deliver papers to every week. One hotel puts the materials in a very central area of the lobby. I leave Minghui Weekly, Epoch Times, Nine Commentaries on Chinese Communist Party and small cards that explain how to break through the firewall.

When I went back at the beginning of this month, the newspapers and the cards had all been taken.

When we leave the materials in the lobby of a hotel, the Chinese guests can take them without worry. They can do so when their tour guides or friends are not there to influence them, and they can read the materials without being distracted. After they understand the truth, it will be easier for practitioners to get them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliates in the future.