(Minghui.org) I wish to share with other practitioners that we should not ignore the petty distractions or small tribulations that we encounter in daily life. These distractions may appear natural or accidental, and the interference may not seem significant. But as we know from reading Zhuan Falun, we should not cultivate based on how we feel. For example, we should not give in to sleepiness when reading the book.

The first time I read Zhuan Falun was in 1999. At that time, practitioners told me that I should read it in one sitting. Although I didn't understand why, I still took the suggestion seriously. I did not leave my room for one day and read the entire book.

A very strange phenomenon kept occurring when I was reading. I felt very sleepy at times and then felt awake after a while. I did not understand why this was happening, but I felt that the sleepiness was abnormal. During the whole time reading, I struggled to stay awake.

I contemplated this occurrence later in my cultivation. I realized that while I was trying my best to stay awake and persisting through it, Master must have cleaned out a lot of notions that could have prevented me from absorbing the Fa. I must have changed a lot in other dimensions.

I suddenly felt very sleepy when I was studying the Fa one time in 2000. I felt that it was abnormal, so I tried my best to stay awake. I then sensed that there was a rotten mass as big as a soccer ball about half a meter away from the right side of my head. It was cold and dark and seemed to be a tar-like substance. It was attempting to move into my brain in another dimension. The closer it came to me, the more control it had over me, and the sleepier I felt. When I tried my best to repress the sleepy feeling and finally became alert, it was eliminated.

One day in 2002, I again felt very sleepy when I was studying the Fa. I tried my best to stay awake and continue to read, but I still felt sleepy. Suddenly I saw that there was a layer of grey or black particles the size of sesame seeds floating in the air above the book. I realized that these particles were evil substances. I continued to resist the sleepy feeling. I then had a sensation in the middle of my brain where the pineal body is located that felt like drops of cool water. The sleepiness disappeared. Instantly, I reached an extremely clear-minded and clean state, which continued to evolve to a higher level. I experienced three levels of these clear states; each layer was purer than the previous layer. At the third layer, I was overwhelmed. My heart was unable to bear that state, and the experience stopped progressing.

One aspect of this type of interference I wish to emphasize is that it does not necessarily result from the same kind of elements. Sometimes the interference may seem natural. For example, if we feel sleepy when we study the Fa at night, our notions can make us think that it is time to go to bed, so it seems natural to feel sleepy. However, this might not be the case. There could be evil factors behind any sleepy state when studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts. Therefore, when we are doing the three things, we should not ignore any interference, regardless of whether it is large or small or what form it assumes. We should look for the root of any interference and eliminate it. Constantly eliminating the factors behind these small incidences can prevent larger tribulations from accumulating.

We easily become alert if there is a large tribulation, such as being illegally detained or severe illness symptoms. However, we tend to ignore the various small interferences or tribulations. I think that regardless of how small it is, it will become a large tribulation if it continues to exist for a long time. Tribulations in the form of minor interference take a much longer time to derail practitioners, but will do so, bit by bit. It is like the well-known phenomenon that if you put a frog in a pot of warm water and slowly bring it to a boil, the frog will not notice the rising temperature, so it will not jump out of the water before it's too late.