(Minghui.org) I've been in rather low spirits recently. I had to force myself to do the three things, and failed to do the exercises regularly. Whenever I clarified the truth, people left after hearing just a few sentences from me. My mood seemed to follow me like a shadow.

I tried to make a breakthrough in my cultivation state, but failed despite the fact that I had identified several of my shortcomings.

I finally made up my mind to eliminate the factors in other dimensions that were causing my gloomy state. However, deep in my heart, I knew that my low spirits were connected to my grievances against a fellow practitioner.

One of my family members—who is also a Dafa practitioner—hasn't been able to view things from the perspective of the Fa. Although he seems to have a pretty good grasp of Dafa's principles, he often handles conflicts in a cunning manner.

Whenever I brought this issue to his attention, he refused to listen. At some point I stopped saying anything to him about his behavior, which made me very depressed.

After discovering my grievance, I decided to get rid of it. Master must have seen my determination and helped me. Shortly after, I had a change of heart. The wish to offer salvation to sentient beings began to emerge in my mind. I no longer felt like I had to force myself to distribute informational fliers.

One day, a few practitioners and I went to distribute calendars in a market. When I arrived, I felt like the whole area was immersed in a sea of compassion. It was a feeling that I hadn't felt for a long time. I knew Master was with me.

Everyone in the market seemed familiar to me. It was as if I was looking at sentient beings from a different dimension, a dimension filled with consummate compassion.

I greeted each person saying: “Hello, I have a calendar for you. Learn the true story about Falun Gong. I wish you and your family happiness and peace!”

Everyone who received a calendar thanked me. All 20 calendars were gone in no time. I felt truly grateful for Master's help.

I suddenly realized that when people didn't listen to my truth clarification before, it wasn't because they were unwilling to. Rather, it was because I hadn't reached the standard of a Fa-rectification disciple!

Master's words came to mind:

“But do you realize something? Those who were originally meant to have been saved last year [by Shen Yun, but didn’t go], have lost the opportunity forever. That’s because Fa-rectification is unceasingly forging ahead, step by step, and when it arrives at one cosmic plane it is time for that level of people; when it reaches a certain heavenly kingdom above, or a certain layer of cosmic body, it is time for that group of people to come see [the show], and next time around [when Shen Yun performs], that seat will belong to someone else.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference XI)

“Beings that have not been rectified by the Fa will, on the other hand, use the principles of the old cosmos to go about things, and use those to evaluate Dafa disciples. They will only feel okay with it when you meet the standards that they acknowledge; only then will they let you progress upwards free of interference; and only then will they think that you are qualified to save them.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference XI)

“It’s really just so hard to save people there, given all the pressure from that sinister rogue regime. And you have to do well at it. So how are you going to do that, then? Since you are Dafa disciples, you have the capacity to do things that past cultivators could not, and you have the capacity to accomplish what ordinary people cannot. You are Dafa disciples and you have Dafa—the Dafa of the future. Yet some people aren’t thinking this way. They don’t value the Fa that much and don’t have very strong righteous thoughts. So they aren’t able to do what I have described or do those things well, and they have veered off course at times.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference”)

Master's Fa-rectification has reached the final factors in the cosmos. I believe these factors are intrinsically connected to the sentient beings whom we're now trying to save.

If our cultivation state fails to keep pace with the Fa rectification, not only will we be unable to meet Master's requirements, but we also won't have the requisite mighty virtue to save the beings at these highest levels. Why? Because these beings won't allow us to! In addition, all kinds of interference will inevitably arise blocking these people from listening to us.

If we cultivate ourselves well, and closely follow the progress of the Fa-rectification, high-level beings will recognize us when we reach the criteria they've set for us to save them.

As Fa-rectification disciples, all we're doing is taking action in this one dimension, while Master is taking care of everything else for us—including the entire process of saving sentient beings!

As Master said, “The cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master.” (The First Talk from Zhuan Falun, translation edition Feb. 2003, North America)