(Minghui.org) When I first started the practice of Falun Gong, I did not remember much from Zhuan Falun, even after I read the book several dozen times. 

However, I diligently applied the teachings to my daily life. I paid close attention to my thoughts and tried to eliminate any thought that did not conform to the Fa. Within three months, I felt that 70 percent to 80 percent of bad thoughts were permanently removed. I was able to maintain a very good cultivation state for several years.

With a sincere and compassionate mind and very few bad thoughts, naturally my third eye opened and supernormal abilities appeared. When I eliminated evil in other dimensions, I saw myself flying in deep space with stars all around me. It was scary and unbearable to feel the infinite universe without stepping on any land. I had to get rid of the fear by constantly telling myself, “I am nobody, but Dafa is all powerful!”

When I first started cultivation, I encountered an evil being that was much higher than me in its level. It blocked my power and threatened to kill me. Immediately, my physical body experienced acute pain, and my body quickly fell in the other dimension. While I was falling, I suddenly heard Master's lecture. The evil being was eliminated at the very moment I heard Master's voice.

With the guidance of the Fa to break through fear, I was able to eliminate many evil beings. Every time I finished interstellar travel and came back to the human dimension, there was enormous energy carried in my body that made every cell come to a boil. Golden energy emitted from my body and eyes. That energy formed balls of light, spinning all around me. I was surrounded by so much energy that I could not feel my physical body.

Oftentimes, battles in another dimension were related to interference in the human world. In 2000, when I was on my way to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, the bus was blocked by a mud slide. While waiting on the bus, I closed my eyes and my main consciousness traveled to another dimension. There I detected a demon hiding inside an ancient Greek temple located on an open field. “It should not be there!” I thought. Right after I had the thought, the temple exploded. Within a couple of minutes, in this human dimension, I heard someone shouting outside of bus that the road was clear and we were ready to go.

During those years, I was very quiet in this human world, probably because my mind was so pure that I did not know what to say. However, with righteous thoughts and supernormal powers, I was able to clarify the truth without many words.

Sadly, after those couple of years, I was not able to cultivate myself so diligently. Master actually arranged for a police officer to remind me, but I did not realize it at that time.

At the end of 1999 I was taken to a police station after appealing for Falun Gong. An officer said, “A girl was arrested before you came. She was more powerful than you. She could memorize the whole book of Zhuan Falun!”

Looking back at those years that I had slacked off, I wish that I had memorized the book. From now on, I will cultivate myself as diligently as I did in those early years.