(Minghui.org) Greetings, revered Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

Practitioners in our city have used cell phones to clarify the truth for almost ten years. It has not been a smooth process, as practitioners do not always cooperate closely. However, this effective method of saving people was never interrupted, as we gradually formed one body.

When a law was passed that all SIM cards had to be purchased using real names, we looked within and sent forth righteous thoughts to negate the evil interference. We purchased many cards and saved more people. Each month the number of people that quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is as high as 20,000.

Below is our experience on how our small team cooperated to clarify the truth to staff in the police department.

The Process of Clarifying the Facts

A few of us formed a small team to clarify the truth to police departments not long after the lawsuits against Jiang began and many practitioners were arrested or harassed.

Although everyone had many years of experience in clarifying the truth using the phone, it was extremely hard to talk to this group of people, who have been deeply poisoned. The pressure on practitioners was great. Practitioners experienced headaches, dizziness, nausea, tightness in the chest, and being unable to speak.

Days passed. Many in the police department would not pick up our calls, and those who did the three withdrawals (quit the Party and it’s affiliated organizations) numbered even less. We knew that we had to overcome this by upgrading our xinxing, but we were looking outward.

We heard that practitioners in another area had persuaded many police officers to quit, and we tried to learn from them. After hearing from them, we looked within and found that we had not done well in studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts, nor had we been compassionate enough. We started paying more attention to these areas.

Looking at the practitioners' method of hanging up the phone after speaking a few words, we interacted with them and enlightened that we should be not attached to the number of people who did the three withdrawals. We enlightened that we should place clarifying the truth thoroughly as the priority.

We would discuss with each other after clarifying the truth. Did we uphold our xinxing? Where did we do badly? How should we phrase our words so that sentient beings can understand? As we shared our thoughts with each other, pursuit of fame and jealousy surfaced. We used the Fa to guide us and gradually looked within and upgraded our xinxing. We became more compassionate and treated these police officers as family when we talked to them.

It was during this period that a big search was conducted by the police. Truth-clarification projects in our city were labeled as a major case. Two practitioners on our team were tracked down. One officer even took a practitioner's photo around, trying to hunt him down. Police vehicles were everywhere. This created a sense of terror in our area.

We were followed by the police for those few days. A driver who had just obtained the Fa was not willing to assist after he was followed. Another practitioner who was initially willing to participate did not dare to come along, either.

We studied the Fa and shared our thoughts. We felt that because we were shouldering too many responsibilities and were busy, there was more pressure to participate in this project. We all had the thought of giving up. After the sharing, however, we were able to maintain our righteous thoughts, and felt that these police officers should be saved, as they had been deeply poisoned by the CCP. We had to believe in Master and the Fa, and persisted in continuing the project.

With righteous thoughts, we found a diligent driver who was willing to assist any time we needed him.

We followed the Fa's requirements and negated the old forces' arrangements. We treated difficulties and pressure as false illusions, especially the list of names that the police had. We did not stop the project even during the Chinese New Year period.

After cooperating this way for a few months, as many as 450 people from the police department came to understand the truth and did the three withdrawals. This included the head of the police department, court, Procuratorate, police station, and detention center.

For those who had persecuted practitioners before, we asked them to quit with their real names, and assured them that they need not be afraid, as many others have the same names as them.

In fact, this group is no different than everyday people. They are just poisoned more deeply and are attached to their interests and benefits. Some of them are more knowledgeable, while others are more careful in their actions. We usually clarify the truth individually, but when there is a need to cooperate we will stop and send forth righteous thoughts together. There was once four of us who took turns talking to an officer before he finally understood and did the three withdrawals.

Below are three examples of persuading people to do the three withdrawals.

Good Result from Cooperating as One Body

We called the head of the brainwashing center. The center had persecuted many practitioners. When he picked up the call, he recited Master's Fa to us, started quoting it out of the context, and tried to turn it against us.

He showed his true colors after we refuted his words. He started to recite incantations as though he had been possessed and could not speak human language. We sent righteous thoughts together and took turns talking to him. He occasionally spoke in human language, but when he started chanting, we placed the phone in the center and recited the sending righteous thoughts formulas loudly.

We felt that our righteous thoughts were sent into his dimensional field and eliminated a huge amount of low level spirits that were controlling him. This lasted for an hour and we called it a day. After hanging up, we received texts from him, trying to “transform” us again.

We shared a day later and decided to call him again. He said that we had the wrong number and hung up. We sent righteous thoughts while another practitioner called again and told him compassionately the consequences if he continued with his actions. He changed his attitude gradually, as he could feel that the practitioner was doing it for his own good.

He said, “My work is to ‘transform’ people. I'll no longer do this. You have to send righteous thoughts immediately if any practitioners enter my center. I will help you within my capability, although I have no say on big matters.”

The practitioner advised him to start cultivating since he had read Dafa books. He promised to do so and thanked us again.

There was another practitioner who enlightened along an evil path and helped the police to brainwash other practitioners. We used the same method to clarify the truth to him twice. He was moved and wanted to meet us. As it is hard for us to travel, we contacted the local practitioners to help him. He has finally gotten back on the path of cultivation.

Being Natural and Approachable, Treating Sentient Beings as Family

Our righteous thoughts became stronger after we intensified our Fa-study and experience sharing. We treated the police as our family and talked to them in a calm voice and with compassion.

We called the director of a police department who was in charge of persecuting practitioners, while other practitioners sent righteous thoughts. We treated him as one of our relatives and told him that we knew he was kindhearted by nature. We hoped to help him by letting him know the truth, and asking him to treat practitioners with kindness.

We told him what happened to those who followed the CCP in various political movements, and asked him not to sacrifice himself for Jiang Zemin. We also told him about Falun Gong being the Buddha Fa and its spreading throughout the world.

Initially, he asked for our names and said that since we talked about being truthful, we should not hesitate to give our names. Practitioners told him that we follow “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” but we cannot tell him our names so that he could commit a crime.

He has met many practitioners and thought that he knew cultivators well. He raised many weird questions and tried to stump the practitioner. With Master's assistance and with other practitioners' righteous thoughts, the practitioner answered his questions impeccably.

The director asked, “Aren't you here to eliminate karma? We are helping you. You should thank us instead!”

The practitioner said, “We have our own cultivation path, and eliminating karma has nothing to do with you. You are violating the law by persecuting us. You are also committing a heinous crime.”

“What evidence do you have to say that Falun Gong is the Buddha Fa?” he asked.

The practitioner started talking to him, starting from the origin of Buddhism up to the Dharma-ending period and the power of Dafa. The practitioner asked, “If there is no power from the Buddha Fa, would Falun Gong have spread to the whole world? Why are there more people practicing despite the persecution?”

He continued to ask many questions, which the practitioner answered. Finally he said, “I have received many calls and they hang up after finishing what they wanted to say. They did not answer my questions. I also asked many practitioners who came in, and I could find fault with their responses. However, I can find no loopholes after talking to you for so long. I'm convinced and will truly read Zhuan Falun this time.”

The practitioner also persuaded him to do the three withdrawals. He said, “If I quit, you cannot call me anymore.”

He was willing to listen to us and did not hang up the call. We sent righteous thoughts for one hour as the practitioner clarified the truth to him. We ended very late that night and later learned that a few practitioners' families were worried for our safety and had gone out looking for us.

We called him again the next day and talked for 40 minutes. He was truly convinced and promised not to persecute practitioners any longer. He thanked us repeatedly and invited us to call him again.

We know that Master is encouraging us and giving us confidence.

Do Not Give Up

We often come across those who swear at us or waste our time. We do not give up easily and cooperate together to help the person understand.

Many practitioners were arrested or harassed after suing Jiang. We called a police officer who hung up after swearing at us. We called him seven times. One practitioner said, “Let's increase the sending of righteous thoughts and I’ll call him again.”

She called him “brother” the moment he picked up the call. The atmosphere was filled with compassion at once.

She continued, “Don't be angry. I'm doing this for your own good. Jiang Zemin wants to push you to your death. We are suing Jiang because we do not want you to be his scapegoat, which is also why we did not sue you. We are saving you.”

His attitude changed completely and said, “I'm sorry. I apologize to you. Zhou Yongkang is also a bad person.”

When the practitioner saw that he had changed, she said, “You have committed a crime by swearing at Dafa. Apologize to our Master quickly.”

“Master, I’m sorry,” he said, and then shouted, “Falun Dafa is good! Overthrow Jiang Zemin!”

The practitioner later clarified the truth to him. He accepted and quit the CCP. He said he hoped that Jiang would be arrested soon, and thanked the practitioner. He also told the practitioner to contact him often.

There are also those who think they are knowledgeable. We once called a policewoman, and her husband picked up the call. He is a government official who does propaganda work. He had received many calls before and wanted to understand more, but nobody could explain it clearly to him. He said that if someone could convince him, he would do the three withdrawals.

The practitioner clarified the truth as usual, but he went off topic and talked about modern theories. He refused to quit even though we talked to him for a very long time. But we did not give up on him. Another practitioner tried talking to him from another angle. We found that he always used modern science to examine Dafa and used philosophy to explain the CCP presence. He felt that our knowledge was too narrow.

The practitioner started to speak from a human knowledge perspective and he stopped using philosophy to refute her. The practitioner said that all that was nothing because from the perspective of human theories, it is difficult to discover that these are narrow and limited. It was only after practicing Dafa that we knew that higher principles exist in the universe.

The practitioner also told him about many cultivation experiences. He was full of praise for practitioners and said he would read Zhuan Falun.

The practitioner said to him, “Your mind was brainwashed by the CCP. The CCP has destroyed 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture and killed many people in various movements. Your ancestors may be one of those that were persecuted in the past, yet you are now saying good things about the Party. Aren't you betraying your ancestors?”

He was silent for a moment, and then agreed to do the three withdrawals. When the practitioner wanted to end the call, he treated the practitioner as an old friend and shared a personal problem about his son not being happy with his girlfriend. He asked how a cultivator would handle the issue.

The practitioner asked him to read Zhuan Falun and tried to end the call, but the man did not want the practitioner to hang up. He said, “Sorry to hold you up. Could you chat a bit longer with me if you are not busy? I have never talked with someone for so long since I dated my wife. I am willing to listen to what you have to say.”

The practitioner chatted with him for almost two hours until the phone battery was drained. It was nearly midnight when the practitioner got home.

Practitioners discovered that if we study the Fa well, Master will strengthen us by giving us wisdom when clarifying the truth, even though later we cannot remember what we had said to the sentient being.

Harmonizing and Complementing Each Other

During the process of clarifying the truth, we found that there is a group of people who do not pick up or listen to our calls. For this, we created texts.

We enlightened that we must help everyone understand the truth. However, we wondered how we could ensure that these people who said they understood would not revert back to their old selves and persecute practitioners when they returned to work. For this, we assigned some practitioners to download some basic truth-clarification videos, and used WeChat and QQ to send videos to these people. We also sent truth-clarification materials to them, along with software to circumvent the Internet firewall.

One person commented, “This is really good!” when we sent the materials through WeChat to him. He thanked us.

Cooperation means fewer conflicts among practitioners, as we have upgraded our xinxing. We have become steadier in saving people whether they are an official or a police officer. We try to save those who can be saved.

We have gradually become more mature and cultivated away bad attachments. We realized that if we have a competitive mentality, the sentient being will swear or say nasty words. If we cannot let go of the pursuit of personal gain, they will ask for money. If we have not completely removed our attachment to lust, they will tell us that they are single and looking for a partner. When we are worried, they will pester us to reveal our names or hang up on us. We used the Fa to look within each time something happens.

Reviewing ourselves, we felt ashamed, as we are still far from meeting the Fa's requirements. We still have very strong attachments to ourselves. Sometimes jealousy has surfaced. There were times when we slacked off and did not always look within. Despite this, we will continue to do the three things well, stay diligent in cultivating solidly, and save more people.