(Minghui.org) My second eldest sister recently phoned me and said that she had finished reading Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa. I was touched. When I thought about her amazing changes in the past few years, I was full of gratitude towards Master.

I have three older sisters and one older brother. My father and oldest sister started practicing Falun Dafa before July 20, 1999. My third sister and I started practicing in 2012. My mother has read Zhuan Falun ten times even though she has not done the exercises. My second sister and older brother had no interest in practicing.

My oldest sister resumed practicing in 2003 and told our relatives and friends about the persecution. My third elder sister and I were worried about her safety and felt bad when some of our relatives ridiculed her. My second older sister sometimes became angry because she thought that people would look down on us for practicing Falun Dafa.

When we began practicing Falun Dafa, we suggested that she try it. She said, “No, I'd rather play some games in my free time.” We felt that she had no predestined relationship to practice and that she would be fine as long as she was not against Dafa.


One day in the Fall of 2013, I hurried to finish my work. I was helping my brother pick cotton and planned to return home after I finished. My mother insisted that I help my second elder sister, as she had a lot of farm work to do. I agreed and thought it would be a good chance to tell her family how amazing Falun Dafa is.

I spent more than ten days there, helping her family. I talked about Dafa every chance I had. My nephew's wife was very nice. She believed in moral principles and listened eagerly. She asked me to show her the exercises, and I did the first set. She asked my sister, “Why don't you practice?”

My sister replied, “I believe in Falun Dafa, even though I don't practice.”

My niece said, “I would have practiced it before, but I don't have time, since I have to take care of my baby.”


My mother-in-law asked us to lease more land the following spring, and we farmed nearly 6.6 acres. My mother-in-law and my husband did not want to hire anyone to help us, so we had to do all the work ourselves. We were very busy.

That year, we joined a Fa study group in a neighboring village. We went there to study the Fa in the evening after we finished our work. Whenever we had some time off, we went to the local market with fellow practitioners to tell people about the persecution of Falun Dafa. Thus, I had less time to visit my parents' home or help my second elder sister with her farm work.

My second older sister and her husband complained that my third sister and I often went to market instead of coming and helping them. Her husband began badmouthing Dafa. Unable to withstand his criticism, my sister and I sometimes quarreled with him. He began to dislike us and even attempted to destroy our relationship with our relatives. Our relationship kept deteriorating.

Whenever we mentioned Dafa to our relatives, he would yell at us. He interfered with our efforts to tell them about the persecution.

My second elder sister began opposing Dafa even more strongly than her husband did. When a fellow practitioner handed her some information about Dafa at the market, she yelled, “No, we don't have time to read this!” We did not know why they were so angry, but we did not dare to talk to them about Falun Dafa because we were afraid they would become angry and say negative things. The situation was very tense for more than a year.

Anger Turns to Support

Things started to change in Fall 2015. My third older sister went to my parents' home because she did not have a good environment for studying the Fa at home. She stayed there for a month and helped my brother and second elder sister with farm work. My third sister kept her heart unmoved when dealing with my second sister and her husband. She ignored their anger and helped them. She kept explaining Dafa's goodness and told them why I wasn't able to help them. She said, “We did not look at the situation from your standpoint. It is our fault you are angry.”

My second sister's and her husband's attitudes gradually changed. He even praised her. When one villager suggested that my second sister give up her belief in Falun Dafa, my second sister said sternly, “My sister benefits from practicing Falun Dafa. All her illnesses are gone now. If she stops practicing, she may become ill again.”

My husband and I also helped them harvest the crops, and they were happy. In Winter 2015, we went to help them pick chili peppers after we finished our own harvest. I used this as an opportunity to talk about the persecution. My second elder sister's attitude completely changed, and she began saying Dafa is miraculous.

One day, while we picked peppers, she shared with me an issue she was having with her husband. He had begun chatting with a girl online. She loved his songs and said that she wanted to have an affair with him. She said that she wouldn't interfere with his family. Even though he told her that their relationship could only be like brother and sister, he kept talking to her.

My sister was hurt and angry and argued with him. She told me, “I'll divorce him if he goes to see her. I cannot forgive him.”

I felt bad for her and we talked about how the morals of today's society is sliding downwards. I told her about the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and that moral degradation was the reason for the problems she mentioned. I suggested she remember “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I told her Master would protect her.

She carefully listened to me and repeated the two sentences whenever she had time. Gradually, she stopped fighting with her husband or being upset over the girl. Her husband saw her change and listened to my advice; I had told him, “It is not because my sister is narrowminded. You are her husband. She doesn't want to lose you. What kind of wife would she be if she did not care about you?”

He changed, too. He began offering to drive us in his car whenever we went to the market to raise awareness of the persecution. He also advised us, “Don't stay too late. Be careful!” Once my third sister, two other practitioners and I planned to go to a market far away by motorcycle. It was windy and very cold. My second sister called me and said, “My husband can give you a ride to the market. He said it's very cold, and he's worried about you.” My third sister and I were touched by his kindness.

Believing in Falun Dafa

I was not eager to encourage my second sister to read Dafa books, because my previous experience suggested that the outcome would be unsatisfactory if I rushed to do something.

My second sister has good enlightenment and firmly believes in Master and Dafa no matter what happens. She just kept reciting the two sentences I told her.

My third elder sister's second daughter was naughty, and her aunt, my second elder sister did not like her. My third sister and I went to stay with her since her husband had to go on a trip to northeastern China. My third elder sister brought her second daughter.

My second elder sister did not resent her niece this time but cooked a meal for us and shared her grandson's good food with her niece with a smile. Her niece said, “My aunt has changed. She is much kinder now!”

My mother also noticed her change. Before, when we came back late from the market, my second elder sister always complained. This time, she did not complain but cooked a meal for us while taking care of her grandson. My mother said, “Your second elder sister has changed a lot. I told her that you two are not considerate of her by coming back so late. She said, 'They are doing good things. I am fine.'”

One day, my second elder sister said to me, “I finished reading the Falun Dafa book you gave my husband.” I was stunned and happy. She said, “Bring me the main book.” I nodded and silently thanked Master: my second elder sister has finally connected with Dafa.

I told her to keep reading, even a little each day. It was spring again, and we were busy with the farm work. But however busy she was, she kept reading Zhuan Falun. She said the more she read, the better she liked it. She said firmly, “Don't worry. No one can interfere with me!”

Even though my second elder sister has not started practicing the exercises, I believe she has a predestined relationship with Falun Dafa. She firmly believes in Dafa.